GASMA + CEU = Educational Excellence

Gasma’s DNA defines our way of understanding teaching. We have been working for 50 years to be different and a reference as a gastronomy school in Spain. Being the first private university in the Valencian Community means knowing from experience what is important for the future of our students. The success of our alumni has allowed us to understand how to move forward into the future. It’s in our DNA: we are CEU.



“Internship in F&B in Valencia “


“As much as you see the networks and read about Gasma, you have to come and experience it.”


“Continue to push the philosophy of dessert.”

Creativity + Innovation + Management

Because for us, training goes far beyond transmitting knowledge. As a gastronomy faculty, for us education is a vector of change and improvement in the careers of our students and a fundamental tool to transform the world.


Our gastronomy university is an institution open to the whole society through a broad training, for professionals and passionate about gastronomy. For this reason, the UCH-CEU has a strategic campus here as part of its commitment to innovative studies.


To the spectacular facilities of the UCH – CEU equipped with the latest advances in technology, with a building of more than 28,000m2, are added 26,500m2 of Villa Dolores, the Gasma gastronomic campus that with a century and a half of history houses experiential classrooms, wine cellar, didactic orchard…


Our students, from more than 70 different nationalities, make up the cultural richness of an international culinary faculty. Among them, they learn and teach each other their culture, their cuisine, their way of seeing life. Studying here is like traveling through the 5 continents, it is like visiting all the gastronomies of the world.


“We learn by doing” is our teaching method, the backbone of Gasma’s training, which prioritizes learning by working together with teachers. Our culinary students do internships in first class gastronomic businesses. Practice, share, reflect.


Our education is made meaningful by a qualified team of teachers. The best experts in gastronomy and prestigious companies make up our Culinary Team, characterized by experience and passion for teaching.


Gasma opens up a world of opportunities. Studying with us means being different. It means achieving the new professional profile demanded by a sector with full employment and in continuous evolution.