Universidad Gastronómica Gasma


We are revolutionizing gastronomic training

We founded Gasma in 2013 with a clear vision: to provide training in gastronomy with a difference, make profitability a pillar in culinary training, offer tools and inspiration to all those who are passionate about cooking, regardless of their geographical location.

We set out to transform the traditional model of gastronomic education and we have achieved it by following fundamental values such as innovation, management, continuous learning, and disruption.



“This is a very international university”


“Gasma can open many doors in the labor market


“Gasma gives you many opportunities to do internships”

Hundreds of people from all areas and over 75 countries have joined this revolution because they share our values and believe that gastronomic education must change.

Join the largest community of gastronomy professionals in the world. Over 100 new students join the community each year.


Education is a long-term investment in oneself. By choosing quality education, we are investing in our future and our ability to achieve goals and develop professionally. By entrusting your professional development to Gasma, you will learn from the best teachers and experts in the field, allowing you to stay at the forefront of the industry.


Gastronomic education must be flexible and go beyond simple theoretical classes; it must include practical experiences and the perspective of professionals with extensive experience in the field to offer a comprehensive education that allows students to apply their knowledge in real situations and be prepared to face the challenges of the working world.


You should learn from the experts. Experience always beats theory. Therefore, it will always be better to learn from professionals with updated experience in the real world of gastronomy than from academics who have not worked in the field for years.


Gastronomic education has to be efficient. It is not necessary to sit for hundreds of hours in a class; a more practical approach can be more effective. Performing stages in the best restaurants and companies in the gastronomic sector provides valuable real-world experience, complementing what has been learned and allowing students to put into practice the skills and knowledge acquired. These stages also provide the opportunity to work alongside professionals in the sector, learn from their experiences, and gain a unique and updated vision of the world of gastronomy.


Gastronomic education must be constantly updated. The gastronomic industry is constantly evolving, so it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.


Gastronomic education cannot be limited to teaching culinary skills. With a constantly evolving sector, a broader vision is necessary. Being a good chef is not enough. Achieving profitability is key to success in any business, so it is necessary for gastronomic education to include skills and knowledge so that students can develop their careers effectively.


Knowing how to put what has been learned into practice is what makes the difference. What is the point of accumulating theoretical knowledge without knowing how to apply it in practice? It is important to focus on learning practical skills and techniques to succeed in the gastronomic industry.

Who is joining the transformation?

The best chefs, restaurant professionals, and pastry chefs in the world support our purpose.

Gasma’s collaborators and teachers include the top chefs and business leaders in the culinary world, such as Celler de Can Roca, Diverxo, Mugaritz, Quique Dacosta, among others.


“Studying at Gasma changes your life.”

Around the world, every day, Gasma alumni are proud to show off their skills and apply what they have learned.


Hundreds of leading gastronomic sector restaurants and companies trust us.

There are hundreds of restaurants that have chosen our master’s and diploma programs to train their employees, and for the past seven years, they have been contributing to revolutionizing gastronomic education alongside Gasma.


We work alongside the most prestigious restaurants. Consolidated and recognized experts in the gastronomic industry who join our enthusiasm and objective.