The enrollment process is simple; you just have to folllow the procedure detailed below. However, if you have any questions or need help, you can contact the Admissions Department from where we will be happy to guide you through the process.

Admission and enrollment process


To start the admission process, click on 'Enroll now!' and choose according to your nationality. You will be able to enter your information and attach all the necessary documents..


After submitting the admission application, we will convene an interview* with one of the training or the admissions department managers. The goal is to get to know the candidate, assess their attitude, advise them on their doubts and explain the training program of the degree.


The admissions committee will meet to evaluate your candidacy after conducting the interview and analyzing your documentation. In a maximum of 48 hours, the committee will notify you of its resolution via email.


The Committee's notification will indicate one of these three possibilities:

  • Selected.
    You will also receive a Place Reservation document with the next steps to follow.
  • On the waiting list.
    You will be informed of the next steps to follow.
  • Not been selected.
    Because there are no places available, forecast availability or for reasons related to the evaluation of the committee.


If you have been accepted and after formalizing your place reservation, you will be notified by email of the following steps and the date to make your enrollment effective.

* If you cannot attend in person, the interview can also be done via Skype.


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September 2022 call


1.250 €

Enrollment Fee* (includes academic management)

2.200 €

Academic Fees

9.300 €


12.750 €/ Academic Year

The 9.300€ correspond to 155€ per 60 ECTS and 9 monthly fees of 1.033€

The deadline for submitting applications will remain open until the capacity of the training is completed (limited places)

The Academic Fees include the following services and learning material:

  • Mail account
  • Management of curricular (compulsory) and extracurricular (voluntary) practices
  • Academic orientation
  • Gastronomic advisor
  • Free Language lessons online
  • Accede Program
  • Personal locker
  • CEU-GASMA Library
  • Attendance to Masterclasses, conferences and extracurricular seminars scheduled for our students.
  • Academic field trips
  • All raw material and inputs to cook.
  • Uniform: 2 jackets, 2 trousers, 2 kitchen hats, 2 aprons, 1 pair of shoes.
  • A set of knives and other utensils (Zwilling). For the 2022-23 academic year the deposit will be 600€.

Hospitality pack

The International Fee is a mandatory payment (€600) for all students resident outside Spain, regardless of the degree they are studying for. This fee will not be applicable to students resident in Spain at the time of applying to reserve a place, regardless of the educational system they comefrom and their nationality. For more information, visit Hospitality Pack.

Validation & Credit Recognition

Students will pay 25% of the established price for the credits of the Bachelor’s Degree they are studying in the following cases: Recognition/Validation of modules completed at Universities other than University Centers belonging to the San Pablo CEU University Foundation. Recognition of Free Selection credits for modules completed at other universities and courses or seminars taken or organized outside University Centers belonging to the San Pablo CEU University Foundation.

Academic Record Transfers:

Students accepted to continue with a course that they have commenced at another university will be required to make a one-off payment, to cover adaptation of their academic record and recognition of their credits, except in the event that the transfer has been made from any University Centre belonging to the San Pablo CEU University Foundation. See cost here. Please check the deadline established for the purpose. No requests will be accepted after this deadline.