Enjoy your experience at Gasma

With a growing international community made up by students of more than 65 nationalities, one of our biggest challenges is to make you feel at home. In order to support you, our university has created the Hospitality Package, a set of services aimed at foreign students who study with us. Make the most of your Gasma experience!

Hospitality Package

Helping you find accomodation

From Hospitality Services we can help you find your future accommodation, by putting you in contact with our accommodation providers and letting you visit those options that best suit you. You will find a wide range of accommodation options: rooms in dorms, apartments to share or even small studios in Castellon.

Opening a bank account in spain

You are offered the possibility to open a free bank account at our collaborating bank. Having a Spanish bank account enables you to take care of your payments in Spain (such as the payment of the tuition fee and the rent) and provides you with a Spanish debit card.

Managing the academic documentation

To be enrolled in a Spanish university, international students must obtain a document that proves they have successfully completed their secondary education. This document is called credential for European students and countries with an education agreement, and Homologation for the rest. We help you gather all the necessary documentation for this procedure. Please note that the cost of the homologation fee is paid by the student.

Managing the residence documents

We will help you to organize the documentation you will need to legalize your stay in Spain. The NIE (also known as Número de Identificación de Extranjeros). Without this document, you will not be able to arrange all of your activities during your stay in Spain: it is needed to close a contract for your WIFI, to pay for your water- and electricity bills, and is also often required to make certain purchases.

Pick up service and accomodation (first night)

You will be able to book a taxi that will pick you up from the airport or station at the day of your arrival and that will bring you to a hotel, where you will be able to spend a free night in a hotel for up to three persons.

Touristic information and culture

When arriving to our University, you will be given various brochures and tourist information that will help you to explore and get to know the city and your new surroundings.

Language courses

After your admission, you will have access to an online platform where you can improve your Spanish (or other preferred language if Spanish is your first language). You also have the possibility to attend a Spanish course during the summer period, organized at various levels.


We will provide you with a public transport card that enables you to use bus and tram during your first days in Castellon.


You will be provided with a pre-paid Spanish SIM card upon arrival, which will allow you to call and to surf the internet for your first two months here.

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