Gastronomy and Culinary Management

Gastronomy is a profession with a very important vocational component. Its study requires discipline, imagination and creativity. With UCH-CEU, you choose a different university because of what it does and how it does it.

Personalized, multidisciplinary and eminently practical training awaits you here. With us, you will take the first step to reach your goal.





“A university that generates and awakens curiosity in the student.”


“The student will learn about the link between science and cooking.”

The Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy aims to train professionals specialized in culinary techniques, and professionals qualified to direct and manage gastronomic businesses.

Degree: Graduate in Gastronomy / Gastronomy

Aimed at :Students who wish to work and develop their professional career in the field of gastronomy, either at the executive level or in business management and creation. Students who wish to develop their career in the agri-food industry. Students interested in orienting their careers to university education and research.

Start:February/September 2023
Credits:240 ECTS
Language:English & Spanish
Location:Castellón, Spain, Europe
Course Lenght:4 Years



The objective of this degree is to train professionals specialized in culinary techniques, as well as in the management and administration of a restaurant business anywhere in the world.

The aim is not only to train the most innovative and advanced chefs, but also to guarantee the best training in professional management for the gastronomic and catering sector. That’s why this is the only official title that combines haute cuisine with management, and that mixes the key ingredients of food with techniques to maximize the profitability of your gastronomic business. Because today’s great chefs are also a brand.


Without modern facilities, it is not possible to study avant-garde cuisine. Therefore, the extensive practical part of this degree takes place at the Gastronomy & Culinary Management Campus. Gasma has its facilities 5 minutes from the UCH-CEU in Castellón, considered by many as the best in southern Europe for training in gastronomy. In fact, Gasma develops specialization programs for professionals from all over the world, so it is not unusual to find a chef with two or three Michelin stars giving a master class during the course.

From the first year, students of this degree invest many hours of practice in these unique facilities. Because for UCH-CEU and Gasma, the only way to learn gastronomy is by doing gastronomy.


To excel in a field, you must be in contact with the best in the industry. For this reason, the best professionals in the kitchen collaborate as teachers in this degree: chefs with Michelin stars and other international recognitions who teach intensification seminars, who offer practical workshops, and who have been involved in the development of the techniques and contents of the subjects. Because cooking is a profession of contact, it is good to be in contact with the best from day one.


In your daily life at UCH-CEU, you will live a unique experience surrounded by students from more than 70 countries. This gastronomy degree attracts young people of more than 35 nationalities. In fact, more than 75% of the students in this degree program are international, coming from countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia to study with us. When you study gastronomy at Gasma’s Gastronomy & Culinary Management Campus, you will find that many of your classmates come from all over the world. But they all share one thing with you: the passion to be the best in the international arena.

By the way, you’d better have a good suitcase: some of the regulated or voluntary internships we offer are in restaurants around the world. And go global: Harvard Business Publishing® has authorized the use of its materials and case studies in this title.


Gastronomy, tourism and agri-food are booming and constantly evolving sectors. As with other industries, such as digital, the relentless emergence of new labor needs defines today.

The new professional demanded by the gastronomic sector must have a strong interdisciplinary background in the areas of gastronomy, management and science. And of course, that new generation of professionals must come from a specialized university degree.

In this field, the student will be able to occupy operational positions such as executive chef or catering manager on the executive side, and food & beverage manager on the management side. In addition, he or she will be able to hold senior management positions in a company, create his or her own gastronomic or agri-food business, or advise companies on process improvements.

The scientific and gastronomic knowledge makes the student a unique talent for different areas of the food industry, such as R&D, quality control and production management. And specifically in the purest scientific branch, the student will be able to develop a professional career dedicated exclusively to research.

The university teaching around gastronomy also needs highly qualified profiles and university graduates, another possible professional outlet for our students.