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Enrolling in the next course is easy, just follow the procedure detailed below. However, if you have any questions or need help, you can contact the Admissions Department where we will be happy to assist you in the process.




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“At Gasma we can learn the techniques to achieve our dreams.”


The enrollment process is simple; just follow the procedure detailed below. However, if you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact the Admissions Department where we will be happy to help you with the process.

New Student Information Service.

1. Application for admission

If you want to be part of Gasma at UCH-CEU and your passion is gastronomy, this is the first step to achieve your dream. Make sure you fill in all the fields and attach the requested documents.

The first step of your new journey. To start the admission process, click on the application that matches your nationality when you open the online form. Through this electronic form you will be able to enter your information and, in a simple way, attach all the necessary documents.

Apply for admission

2. Admission Interview

Once you submit your application for admission, our admissions team will contact you to arrange a face-to-face or Skype interview that fits your availability.

The interview is conducted with one of the training area managers or the admissions department. Its main objective is to get to know the candidate in depth, assess his attitude, advise him on his doubts and explain in detail the training proposal of the degree.

In this interview, we discuss short-term and long-term personal and professional goals. It is also about evaluating the profile of the future student and discovering his or her passion for gastronomy. Knowing your past, present and future are key to determining whether you are an ideal candidate to join Gasma. Because at Gasma we firmly believe in values and tradition. That’s why we are looking for a special talent.

Remember that, if you wish, we can do the interview via Skype.

We are different, that’s why we don’t make you wait until June to communicate the committee’s decision. In general and except for special circumstances, 48 hours after the interview you will receive an email notification.

3. Admissions Committee

The admissions committee will meet to evaluate your application after conducting the interview and analyzing your documentation. Within 48 hours, the committee will notify you of its decision.

The Admissions Committee meets every day in order to give you a quick response to your application and not to create uncertainty. In addition to checking the documentation provided, the Committee makes an assessment of your profile as a whole, assisted by the personal interview. We are looking for profiles that make a difference and have passion. The best talent is very important to Gasma because only with the best team in the classroom can excellence and success be achieved.

In general and except for special circumstances, 48 hours after the interview you will receive an email notification and you will know if you will be part of Gasma.

4. Reservation

If you have been admitted you will have to reserve your place. To do so, you will receive an email with the instructions and you will be able to start being part of Gasma.

Once the admissions interview has been completed and the admissions committee has received a decision on the application, the process for reserving a place begins.

This notification will indicate one of three possibilities:

– That you have been selected and there is a place available for your application. In this case, the notification is accompanied by a personalized Reservation of Place document indicating the next steps to follow with the process. By following the simple instructions in this document, the candidate can have a place reserved in the Gastronomy Degree.

– To be included in the waiting list for access to the degree. In this case, you will also be informed of the next steps to be taken.

– That you have not been selected because there are no places available and there is no availability forecast or for reasons related to the evaluation made by the committee.

In the case of being selected, the student must proceed to register by following the steps indicated in the letter of admission, which he/she will receive by e-mail, to formalize his/her place reservation.

Once you have reserved your place, you will be notified by email of the next steps and the date to enroll in Gasma.


Total course fee: 8.720€ /1st academic year
The 5.750€ corresponds to 155€ per ECTS

*Tuition includes academic management





Total course fee: €13.050 / academic year
The 9.600 Euros correspond to 160 Euros for 60 ECTS and to 9 monthly payments of 1.066,67 Euros

*Tuition includes academic management

Tuition fees include the following services and teaching materials:


New students not residing in Spanish territory must pay the Hospitality Pack (650 €) at the time of admission, benefiting from the hospitality services included therein. It does not apply to residents in Spanish territory at the time of booking. For more information, visit the Hospitality Pack page.


Students will pay 25% of the established price for the credits of the degree they are taking in the following cases:

Recognition/validation of courses taken at universities other than those of the San Pablo CEU University Foundation.

Recognition of free configuration credits for courses taken at other universities and courses/seminars taken or organized outside the university centers of the San Pablo CEU University Foundation.


Students admitted to continue the same studies already begun at another university will make a single payment for the adaptation of records and recognition of credits, except when the transfer takes place from any university center of the San Pablo CEU University Foundation. To do so, the period established for this purpose should be consulted, as requests will not be accepted after the deadline. See cost here.