The value of talent

We believe that the university is a space for discovering and promoting talent and that, in order to go far, motivation is fundamental. For this reason, we have several scholarship and study grant programs from which you can benefit.




“At Gasma you can really get to know how a business works.”


“Thanks to Ambar and Gasma who have bet on me, I am fulfilling my dreams.”

To get far today, motivation is key. That is why we have several scholarship and financial aid programs that allow our students to have a study aid.

The University is a space for discovering and promoting talent.


This aid program rewards the effort and dedication of undergraduate students and is based on the student’s commitment to a maximum of 25 hours per week of collaborative work in University activities in exchange for a monthly payment that the student will use to defray part of his or her studies.

The activities carried out by the beneficiary of this aid are usually related to the skills he/she is learning in his/her degree, so that, in addition to the economic benefit, they represent an opportunity to improve his/her own training.

Application requirements

The award criteria depend on the different activity profiles and you can find them when the grants are announced.

This aid is incompatible with any other type of work inside or outside the University. Beneficiaries may only be beneficiaries for 2 years (1+1).


Have a higher grade than the rest of the candidates and valued as excellent by the Committee.

Proof of proficiency in one or more languages.

Documentation to be provided

  • Resume with photograph.
  • For national students: Academic certificate with the grades of 3rd and 4th of ESO, 1st of Bachillerato/CFGS and average grade of 2nd of Bachillerato/CFGS. For international students: The average grades of the first year of high school.
  • Photocopy of the university entrance exam card. (Spanish students only).
  • Family income tax return for the last fiscal year.
  • Documents accrediting language level (optional).
  • Documentation proving the cultural and sporting activity (optional).
  • A personal letter of motivation.


Until July 15: submission of applications and documentation.

July 21: resolution of scholarships.


Academic Excellence Scholarship

More than 90 scholarships for new students that reduce the total price per course between 65% and 100%. You will also know if you have been granted on June 1, before the results of the PAU.

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UCH-CEU scholarships for outstanding grades

The reward for students who have the best academic performance. A scholarship in which the only criterion is academic excellence.
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Scholarships from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

UCH-CEU students are eligible for state scholarships. We will help you with the application process.
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UCH-CEU tuition scholarships for large families

Students who are members of large families benefit from the following discounts:

  • Large family of general regime: 30% discount on the registration fee of each course.
  • Large family of special regime: 60% discount on the registration fee of each course.

In order to apply the large family bonus, you must submit the following document duly completed and provide the updated large family card or book (original and copy).

Applications must be submitted during the registration period and until October 30. IMPORTANT NOTE: Applications will not be processed after this deadline.
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CEU Alumni Aid

Discount of up to 20% for having completed official studies in any of the CEU educational centers, or for being a full member of the CEU Alumni Association.

Remember that you can also contact local, regional and national organizations that offer grants compatible with those described here.

School insurance
School insurance for students over 28 years of age
Continuation of studies insurance

UCH-CEU Continuity of Studies Insurance

All students enrolled at UCH-CEU have coverage included so that, in the event of the death of their father and/or mother, they can continue studying with us. This coverage is provided through an insurance policy that does not entail any additional cost for the student; thus, he/she can enjoy a full scholarship free of charge for the remaining courses until the end of his/her degree.
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Agreement between UCH-CEU and APPLE

The San Pablo CEU University Foundation has reached an agreement with Apple to become a partner of the Apple Store Education. As a student or employee, you can benefit from important advantages in this online store.