Our motto and inspiration for our relationship with sponsors and partners is "hand in hand". We work thoroughly to create values and spread knowledge around gastronomy and management among professionals who are chefs, culinary advisors or will fill positions in the industry which will lead to the future of gastronomy.

Gasma’s sponsorships are most valuable in intangible assets: first, your company will be associated with a training and research institution at the highest level, CEU Cardenal Herrera University. Secondly, you will partner with a center of reference in the world of gastronomy, where Spain is one of the world’s leaders.

The corporate identity of your company will have a global impact, because through our open courses and actions of high media impact we have a vast target. On the other side of the spectrum, we also have a very specific target in the gastronomy sector reached through our Maste’rs Degrees and Professional Courses: students, trainers, sponsors, contributors, etc. All of them constitute the Gasma Community and have the ability to create synergies and facilitate further agreements.