El concepto CIY o, lo que es lo mismo, cook it yourself, gana terreno a pasos agigantados. Esta nueva tendencia que se impone en el mundo de la gastronomía aúna la apuesta por la cocina más saludable y tradicional con el placer por cocinar de un modo verdaderamente sencillo. Asimismo, demuestra que la gastronomía abarca cada […]

The first thing you have to learn if you are going to study a degree in gastronomy is that this sector is always defined by a series of trends that will define or condition the type of dishes you are going to prepare. And it is important that you know them to be able to […]

If you want to study and become a chef, it is important that you know the new trends or models that prevail in the hospitality industry. And in this sector there is a factor that has just been highlighted: the importance of creating a sustainable restaurant. In fact, concern for the environment and surroundings is […]

In November 2019, Jhon Mendoza heard his name at the Michelin Guide gala held in Lisbon. As head chef, he had helped Taller Arzuaga restaurant achieve its first star in the Red Guide. The alumni of Gasma’s Master in Gastronomy and Culinary Management likes challenges. So much so that he did not hesitate to cross […]

Javi Sanz y Juan Sahuquillo. Two names that have gone from being a promise to becoming a glittering reality. Trained in the Master’s Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Management at Gasma and in charge of Cañitas Maite Restaurant (located in Casas Ibáñez, Albacete), these two young chefs made history yesterday in Madrid Fusión. Their three […]

Sometimes we can confuse the term sommelier with that of winemaker, but the truth is that, no matter how much they belong to the same field, they are two totally different jobs. It is easy not to differentiate them: both professions are related to wine and, of course, for both of them it is necessary […]