La esferificación es una conocida técnica de vanguardia en la cocina, muy presente en la gastronomía actual. Ha alcanzado gran popularidad en los últimos años, aunque lo cierto es que su origen viene de bastante atrás. Si lo tuyo es la cocina y te interesa innovar, te será útil conocerla a fondo. Por eso queremos […]

Spanish gastronomy has experienced growing popularity both inside and outside our borders. As you know, it is currently a hallmark of Spain, but also a key factor in the national economy. It combines the best of tradition with innovation that makes its way. And the result is a success! Spanish gastronomy: evolution Gastronomy has undergone […]

Restaurant management and gastronomic marketing have drastically changed as a result of the health crisis derived from the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many changes that have been introduced in the hospitality sector … And others that are yet to come. Here we present the most outstanding ones. Future gastronomic marketing If you have studied gastronomy […]

You know it’s not easy, but it’s what you’ve always wanted: to be a chef. In fact, if you have come this far, it is because you are looking for answers. Are you going to study gastronomy? We want to solve all your doubts about our Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Management, and show […]

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a great impact on the food industry. If you are thinking about studying a Bachelor’s Degree in gastronomy, or if you are already part of the industry professionally, taking into account the present pandemic and trying to understand its long-term effects will allow you to make better […]

It is a recurring image in every great gastronomic gala. When it comes to collecting prizes, men are in the majority. Achievements such as getting a Michelin star or entering the lists of the best restaurants in the world continue to represent a glass ceiling for those women who every day battle behind the stove […]