Gasma, the UCH-CEU gastronomic campus, promotes university education and culinary management at the highest level. It is a global project that stands as an increasingly transversal interaction space where companies from different sectors converge.


We work so that this avant-garde training and research space brings together even more companies, institutions, research, and technology centers, as well as entities related to innovation and entrepreneurship. We are convinced that these synergies are beneficial for all parties and, of course, for society.


The Gasma model is open to different channels of interaction with public and private entities. The objective is to obtain, in each case, the most suitable collaboration framework for the expectations of both parties.


The strategic partner maintains a permanent relationship with Gasma through a continuous contribution to the development of Gasma’s activity.

The agreement may involve a financial contribution (ie: scholarships, R&D projects) or in kind (such as products, equipment or knowledge provided).

In exchange, the strategic partner obtains an economic return (direct or indirect) and positioning of its brand associated with the qualities of Gasma (ie: its perception in the market or the company’s social legitimacy is reinforced through its commitment to certain activities).

It relishes preferential treatment over other types of collaborations.


The sponsor contributes to the development of some Gasma activity, or joint actions in accordance with the sponsorship agreement.

This kind of cooperation can be temporary or specific for a specific case, such as the organization of an event or a master class.

In return, the sponsor obtains an economic return (direct or indirect) and positioning of its brand associated with the qualities of Gasma.

The type of collaboration can be articulated in different ways: financial sponsorship; material sponsorship (contribution of products, equipment or infrastructure); and sponsorship in human resources (contribution of personnel or knowledge to carry out different actions, conferences, training, etc.).


There are other open ways of collaboration with Gasma through participation in specific actions (ie: training actions) or in specific projects where several companies can participate (such as diffusion campaigns in collaboration with public entities).