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Universidad Gastronómica Gasma


Gasma, your future in Culinary Arts

The decisive moment is getting closer. It is the moment to value pros and cons and go for a future career. If you are just about to begin your university studies as well as if you are looking for a shift in your professional career, here at Gasma you have the chance to study a subject of growing interest. Proof of this is the response that our new degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Management has achieved in the education exhibitions in which we have participated.

Success in Aula
Between the 3rd and 8th of March we took part for the first time in the Salón Internacional del Estudiante y la Oferta Educativa Aula de Madrid, the main educative exhibition in Spain with over 100.000 visitors each year, in order to present our revolutionary degree that unites gastronomy and culinary management as a differentiating factor. And the response could not be more positive. Thousands of people visited our booth during the exhibition and 500 students have formally shown interest in a degree that is offering a limited number of places for the 2015/2016 course. Take your chance now!

Just three days after Aula, we went back to Madrid to participate in the university fair held for the first time at the Joyfe School together with Fundación Bertelsmann. Many secondary schools have contacted Gasma, attracted by an innovative and future-oriented proposal for students and the academic endorsement of CEU-UCH University. We also got a great response and even the possibility of organizing a workshop because students found our educative offer highly interesting.

Request information
The result of these two experiences as well as the information requests that we have received confirm the interest of a different Project. Conscious of how important gastronomy is around the world and of the interest that cuisine and chefs rise all over the world, our university degree is going one step beyond and helps you turn your passion into your profession. The union of culinary management and innovation and our international profile (the Bachelor’s Degree is taught in english) are our value proposition. If you wish to join Gasma, now is the right time. Contact us and work on your future in Gastronomy

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