What is Gastrovalley?

Gastrovalley is a gastronomic ecosystem. A physical and philosophical space for training, research, relationships and interaction.

  • It is a physical space located in Castellon, a typical Mediterranean city (sun, beach, mountain, culture, industry, harbor, etc.). Gastrovalley is oriented to the culinary world both from a gastronomic point of view and from the management perspective of the culinary business.
  • It is a philosophical space that is structured around the concept of gastronomy as a sustainable business model, profitable and respectful of the cultural, economic and environmental settings.
  • It is a space of relationships and interaction between companies, public administrations, researchers, technology centers and specialists in areas such as gastronomy, nutrition, biology, management and marketing.
  • It is a training and research space integrated in Gasma, the only university campus in the Mediterranean that is exclusively dedicated to Gastronomy and Culinary Management, where various vocational training institutions, research and technological centers and entities related to innovation and entrepreneurship meet.
  • Gastrovalley configures a space for the evolution of the national and regional tourism business model.

Gastrovalley is an ecosystem specialized in gastronomy as multiple concepts, such as business, economic sector, health, culture, art, technology, tradition, innovation, sustainable activity, but also as quality of life.

Gastrovalley is a system that opens up new business possibilities thanks to the use of resources that facilitate relationships with the various components of the culinary value system.