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Global Report 2020: Gastronomy before, during and after COVID-19

Author: Rafael Ansón

Before gastronomy was an activity reserved for a privileged few who enjoyed eating. It has now become one of the most important activities of the 21st century, a healthy, supportive, sustainable and satisfying activity.

That is why it is no coincidence that organizations such as the World Gastronomy Institute (WGI) – accredited in 2016 with consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council and a collaborating entity of the World Tourism Organization – will focus all their efforts on researching and disseminating the different aspects of gastronomy in the 21st century.

The WGI has just published a reference work in the sector: the Global Report 2020. It is a world report dedicated entirely to gastronomy with an academic and interdisciplinary approach.

World Gastronomy Institute (WGI)

The World Gastronomy Institute is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable gastronomy and contributing to the cultural and socio-economic development of nations.

Through various research and outreach actions it seeks to support the gastronomic sector in all its manifestations, from production and the food industry to culture, tourism, employment, health, the economy or education, to advance the knowledge and development of local and global policies of common interest.

The WGI has a presence in 46 countries on all continents of the world and is supported by important government and gastronomic institutions.

Global gastronomic knowledge

As a result of the cuisine of freedom and the new concept of gastronomy, the success of Spanish cuisine has been spreading throughout the world. In recent years we have witnessed a culinary movement that has united the kitchens of all continents, enriching the “color palette” of food.

Today we live in a time of transition in which we are advancing, and we must continue to do so, in order to achieve a healthier, more supportive, more sustainable and certainly more satisfactory diet… for everyone.

And for this it is interesting and positive that there are institutions such as the WGI that bring together experts from all over the world to pool global gastronomic knowledge.

Global Report 2020, A Gastronomic Planet

When the Global Report began to be developed in 2018, no one could have imagined the health crisis that was going to spread around the world two years later. This work is a testament to the global situation of the gastronomic sector before the pandemic.

Because of this and the current changing situation we are experiencing, the WGI has had the extraordinary idea of developing two other editions that will be forged in the coming years. A Gastronomic Planet is the first edition of a trilogy that aims to become a reference guide for the study and knowledge of the international gastronomic scene before, during and after COVID-19.

Globalization of authors

The work begins with prefaces written by the Spaniards Rosa Maria González Vivas, Xavier Medina, Blanca Berrón, José Manuel Iglesias and myself, representing the Academies of Gastronomy. In  addition to Thomas  Gugler of  Worldchefs, and Edouard Cointreau of Gourmet and World Cookbook Awards.

It is divided into several sections: culture and gastronomic heritage; gastronomic tourism; food products and technology and education. Led by José Manuel Iglesias, Secretary General of the WGI, it has been attended by several dozen recognized authors and subject matter experts from Argentina, Australia, Cameroon, Chile, China, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Spain, France, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Portugal, United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden, South Africa and Turkey.

They are experts in diverse disciplines such as culture and anthropology, culinary art, hospitality, tourism, technology, marketing or education, who have wanted to bring their particular perspective to the world of gastronomy. Among the authors are several Spaniards, such as Almudena Villegas or Enrique Fernández.

The book, a fundamental tool for Gasma students, can be downloaded for free on the WGI website ( It also has a print edition that can be purchased through bubok (

Source: Excelencias Gourmet