Looking to the future with optimism

There are years that put you to the test and without a doubt 2020 is one of them. It is because it has demonstrated our resistance to difficult situations, our incredible ability to adapt to change and to cooperate for the common good. It is this effort that encourages us to look to the future with optimism and with the conviction that the new year will bring new solutions. News about the effectiveness of the first vaccines to be distributed in Spain in early 2021 represents the first step, the most important.

A safe campus

Getting to this point has not been easy and we are aware that there is still a long way to go. That is why it is important to remain cautious and continue to make the most of security measures. That’s what we’ve done at Gasma since we went back to academic activity. The implementation of a prevention plan and strict protocols has allowed the day-to-day life on our campus to develop normally and that students can continue to complete each stage of their training. Because that, in short, is the most important thing.

Wisely, yes, but it’s a good time to look to the future. Because the outlook has improved and because experts agree that during the first half of 2021 we will start to definitely bend the curve. The joint effort of the scientific community and a citizenry that has learned to live in another way is what has allowed us to get here. And the one that will allow the new generations to change the world.

Because at Gasma we are clear about one thing. From now on, nothing will ever be the way it was. Many changes have come to stay. For example, in academia. Digital transformation has accelerated and institutions such as CEU Cardenal Herrera –  Gasma University are a clear example. New technologies have bringed students and teachers even closer, offering new teaching tools.

Engine of change

And of course, nothing will be the same in a sector, that of gastronomy and catering, which faces the challenge of reinventing itself. This requires new profiles, people who can provide solutions and think differently. Young people who master management tools, who understand that management is the main vector of change and who are able to drive profound changes in areas such as digitization and innovation.

They have a fundamental task for the restoration to remain together with tourism the main engine of the economy and for Spanish haute cuisine to continue to set the tone. We know that the challenge is important, that is why from Gasma we propose a tailor-made training through programs such as the Bachelor´s Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Management.