Master’s Degree elBarri & Gasma: Gastronomic Re-evolution
master en gastronomia y management culinario gasma

Titling: Master’s Degree from CEU Cardenal Herrera University

Addressed to: The Master's Degree program is intended for students and professionals with entrepreneurial attitude. This training will be a qualitative leap in their careers.

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Calendar: September 28, 2020

Credits: 90 ECTS

Language: Spanish
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Limited places
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12.900 €

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Welcome to the gastronomic ‘re-evolution’.

Gasma and elBarri come together to present one of the most creative and avant-garde training programs. A unique master’s degree for those professionals who seek to step further in their career and place a bet on a different approach.

Since the opening of Tickets restaurant in 2011, the gastronomic scene has continued to move at a fast pace. Countless events have made contemporary cuisine evolve and have revolutionize a gastronomic landscape in which El Bulli played a pioneering role. This golden age has made Spain a world leader in cutting-edge and culinary research.

Traditional cuisine will take center stage during the first weeks of class until it evolves to an innovative and contemporary proposal. It is essential to master the basics of gastronomy in order to have a successful career inside any kitchen.

Making students enthusiastic about research and never quenching their thirst for knowledge will be one of the premises of the staff at elBarri, the star of the gastronomic innovation in this unique program.

Being aware of the importance of management within a restaurant, this Master’s will also train students in culinary management to help them achieve, understand and design gastronomy that is also profitable.

This is a master's degree with a complete focus on the Global Chef of the future. A high-level training from the best professionals in the field.

Are you ready to enter the world of gastronomic experiences?

What make us different?

Innovative Focus

Gasma commits to a training that is adjusted to the reality of a field that is in continuous evolution. We are experts in profitable haute cuisine and our students, in addition to developing their culinary knowledge at the highest level, also acquire the tools to manage and obtain maximum profitability with their performance, whether in the kitchen, living room service or through gastronomic development.

Our goal is to achieve a set of knowledge, skills and abilities that contribute to achieving innovation in gastronomy.

State-of-the-art facilities

The Gastronomy and Culinary Management Campus at CEU Cardenal Herrera University combines nature and science and has state-of-the-art facilities. The spaces intender for the training actions are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and professional kitchen tools. In addition, the design of our facilities guarantees direct contact with the teacher and allows students to have the necessary space for the development of practical classes.

Profession in the classroom

To be a good professional in Gastronomy it is necessary to be in contact with the best professionals. In all disciplines, teachers will not only follow a scientific and pedagogical methodology, but will also explain, first hand, their personal experience in the industry.

Global vocation

Welcome to one of the benchmarks in international campuses. The student community at CEU-Cardenal Herrera-Gasma University is made up of more than 65 nationalities. Students from all over the world with whom you will learn and share culture, cuisine and different ways of understanding life. We promote a global training, with mobility and international projection, laying the foundations so that you can project your career wherever you want.

Master’s objectives+

The main purpose of this Master’s is to provide professionals with a global overview of this sector by providing knowledge on raw product, gastronomic trends, techniques, creativity and management tools.

You will understand the basics of cooking and study in-depth the raw product and its characteristics. You will discover culinary techniques from around the world and develop your creative potential, creating an original gastronomic offer.

You will develop a complete professional profile thanks to the study of different areas such as pastry or restaurant desserts. You will have the necessary management tools to make your gastronomic business profitable according to offer, marketing and prestige.

Cardenal Herrera University and Gasma opt for an innovative methodology and an attractive function for the participants: practical sessions, Master classes, workshops, visits, etc. You will lean from the experience of our Culinary Team and from the best experts at Grup elBarri-Iglesias.

You will be networking and promoting your own gastronomic community thanks to being in contact with Chefs and professionals who take part in your training. At the end of the program you will complete your training with 700h hours of external internships in which you will discover the day to day of the best restaurants at Grup elBarri, by Albert Adrià.

Addressed to+
Entrepreneurial Spirit

This Master’s is addressed to professionals who want to take a quality leap in their training and their career.

The ideal candidate for the Master's program will hold a university degree in the area of gastronomy, pastry or culinary science. For candidates with degrees in other areas, consideration will be given to experience in the gastronomy field, i.e. professional kitchens, restaurants, pastry workshops, etc.

Exceptionally, the master's admissions committee may authorize access to candidates without university degrees who can attest a professional experience profile that makes them eligible for the normal following of classes. As an example, these types of profiles can be:

  • Advanced vocational training degrees, technical studies or diplomas in gastronomy and/or pastry.
  • Other non-regulated studies in gastronomy and/or pastry from reference schools or centers.
  • Having developed a professional activity in restaurants, pastry workshops, etc. for a minimum period of 2 years.

Those candidates without university degree who access the Master’s program and by the end of the program cannot attest to be in possession of the necessary requirements to be able to receive the 'Master’s Degree' title, will receive instead a Specialization Diploma issued by UCH-CEU.

Methodology and Contents+

Cardenal Herrera University and Gasma work with a dynamic and innovative methodology that allows students to fully develop their professional profiles. For this reason, 80% of the hours in the Master's Degree are intended for practical training.

Students learn in practical and participatory sessions by working with national and internationally renowned chefs. As far as the management area is concerned, students face real business situations and learn first-hand about major success stories

Within the Master's program, there will be also Master Classes taught by internationally renowned chefs and professionals who, in a session, will show their philosophy, principles and research methods used to develop a personal and differentiating style.

Likewise, the program will have seminars on product and raw materials and their culinary applications: specific sessions that will focus on a raw product, where knowledgeable experts and guest chefs will develop a broad vision on the subject.

The training is completed with internships and on-site sessions at Grup elBarri-Iglesias’ restaurants, where students will put what they learned at Gasma's classrooms to the test. The duration of the internships is approximately 4 months.

The program will last for eight months. The first four months will be taught at Gasma, Gastronomy and Culinary Management Campus of CEU Cardenal Herrera University. The following four months, students will have to rotate stages in different Grup elBarri-Iglesias’ restaurants, thus completing a unique and multiconcept training that will be tutored at all times.


All the subjects in the Master's Degree are divided in three major areas in order to offer a global training.

CUISINE cocina en master en gastronomia y management culinario gasma
This unit allows students to learn the fundamentals of gastronomy at a global level plus the techniques and creative tools capable of making it evolve. From classic elaborations like stocks, jus, sauces and traditional stews, to those that set trends around the world: contemporary tapas, Japanese cuisine, Peruvian cuisine, Nikkei cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Fusion cuisine, signature cuisine, classic techniques, classicism’s modernization, re-evolutionary cuisine, restaurant desserts, etc.

cocina en master en gastronomia y management culinario gasma
Change has come to high gastronomic value kitchens around the world. Ingredients that went unnoticed before, take prominence nowadays to kick start an evolution with much development ahead. Side dishes take the leading role, and staging becomes a fundamental part of each menu, making the customer both a participant and main actor.

MANAGEMENT AND STAGING cocina en master en gastronomia y management culinario gasma
The goal of this unit is for students to master those management tools that are applied to gastronomy and cooking processes for a more efficient organization. Students will be able to anticipate the main trends to design a successful gastronomic concept. Dining room service will be taken in special consideration, vindicating the inestimable value that waiters have in our proposal. Beverages will be closely revisited: Wines, liquors, cocktails and coffee are a fundamental part of the gastronomic business. In addition, students will be trained in the creation of new gastronomic businesses as well as beverage management, dining room service and staging.

> Master’s Degree Final Project and Internships

The Master's Degree Final Project allows students to implement all the skills acquired during their training. It reflects the ideal business model that combines excellence in Gastronomy with guidelines for a more sustainable management.

In this project, which will be carried out at the end of the internship, students will develop a new concept whose key element will be the presentation of a tasting menu integrating everything they learned in the program. Staging and service for this menu will be taken into account as well.

The internships will be held at elBarri restaurants. Rotating stages in all of them will allow students to work with different concepts, allowing them to enhance their knowledge and have a global vision thanks to one of the most important gastronomic groups in the world.

calendario master en gastronomia gasma y management culinario

* Calendar subject to possible modifications due to organizational or academic reasons.


For this unique Master's Degree, Gasma's Culinary Team will have the collaboration of the professionals at elBarri Group who thanks to their pioneering model, have brought different cooking concepts together in their six restaurants for a global gastronomic experience. In their meteoric journey several of the group’s restaurants have been awarded a Michelin star and recognition in The World's 50 best.

At Gasma we look for success stories to transfer them to the classrooms and train the professionals of the future. With this Master’s you will gain knowledge from the best. You will cook side by side with the head chefs of reference and you will learn to excel in your profession.

profesorado culinary team gasma grado en gastronomia

If you want to know exactly who will be the teachers assigned to your training, please contact our Admissions Department

Enrolment and finance aids+
The Master’s Degree shall be paid as follows:
Registration fee
150 €
* Refundable in the event of non admission.
Place reservation
5.700 €
* Within the next 48 hours after admission confirmation.
First payment
3.525 €
* Within 45 days after Master's starting date.
Second payment
3.525 €
* Within 90 days after Master's starting date.
12.900 €
International fee
600 €
* Only international students (OPTIONAL).

We have reached different agreements with Banco Sabadell in order to help our students to totally or partially fund their studies. Do not let anything stop your training.

> Finance aids conditions + info

For further information:
Banco Sabadell Castellón
C/ Río Cenia, 2
12005 Castellón
Telf. +34964340185

The Enrolment fee includes:

  • Management of the curricular (compulsory) and extracurricular (voluntary) internships.
  • Access to personal lockers.
  • GASMA Library.
  • Assistance to extracurricular Master classes, Lectures and Seminars, scheduled for our students.
  • All the aliments and products used during the classes are included in the fees.
  • Mandatory uniform: 1 jacket, 1 black trousers, 1 kitchen cap, 1 apron.
Quality and regulations+
Admission process+

To start the admission process students need to fill in the form at the bottom of this page and pay the registration fee.

If the payment method chosen is a bank transfer, Gasma will require proof of payment at


Within 24 hours of receiving the application form, students will be contacted to undergo a personal interview with a professor or an expert member from Gasma.

This interview enables Gasma to know the candidates and assess their knowledge and aptitudes. The personal interview can be done via Skype, if the candidate cannot attend in person.

Following the personal interview, the teaching team could decide, if it is necessary, to do a personal knowledge test to evaluate the students.

In this interview you will be informed about all the documents you need for the enrolment.


After the admission interview (and the knowledge text, if necessary), Gasma will evaluate all the applications and notify the results to all candidates.

If a candidate is admitted, Gasma will send a confirmation email along with a request for the reservation payment. This payment can be made via Virtual POS, Paypal or bank transfer.

Application Form

In order to start the Process of Admission you need to fill in the Application Form and pay the 150€ for the registration fee. This payment can be made via Virtual POS, Paypal or bank transfer (the account number is indicated during the process). This fee will be refunded, if the student is not admitted.

Places are limited. The deadline for applications is open until the Master's is complete to capacity.

The program, dates, prices and faculty are subject to change. Gasma reserves the right to cancel this program, if they consider that the requirements for success are not met.

Payment method


In order to start the Process of Admission you need to fill in the Application Form and pay the 150€ for the registration fee. This payment can be made via Virtual POS, Paypal or bank transfer (the account number is indicated during the process). This fee will be refunded, if the student is not admitted.

Places are limited. The deadline for applications is open until the Master's is complete to capacity.

The program, dates, prices and faculty are subject to change. Gasma reserves the right to cancel this program, if they consider that the requirements for success are not met.

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