Master's Degrees in Gastronomy

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incredible educational experience


We challenge you to put yourself to the test, to experiment, to break and to deconstruct in order to start your own gastronomic path.


We invite you to get out of your comfort zone to discover that breath of fresh air that gives true experts their mastery.

Essence & Identity

We help you enhance that “personal touch” so that your kitchen and your work always convey your essence.

Technical Methodology

We do not stop at introducing you to the most disruptive techniques, we make sure that you apply them with sense, strategy and pleasure.


The passion for gastronomy is what moves us and that is why we want to spread it in each of our training programs.

Master's Degrees at Gasma

Committed to culinary avant-garde

Master in Gastronomy and Culinary Management

September 2023

4 months + internship


On-site (Castellón)

This master’s degree in gastronomy complements the training of professionals to perfect them in the following areas: gastronomic fundamentals, culinary technique, sweet world, creativity, trends and applied management.

It is the most complete option for all those who want to make a definitive leap in their career and for chefs and restaurant owners who want to improve the profitability of their business.                    

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Master in Avant-Garde Pastry and Desserts in Restaurants

November 2023

3 months + internship


On-site (Castellón)

This program prepares you to become the most complete pastry chef, with special emphasis on avant-garde techniques and trends in restaurant desserts.

This Master will give you a global vision of the sweet world and will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to become a pastry chef of reference. With our Culinary Team, formed by pastry chefs, managers and entrepreneurs, related to the sweet world, you will be able to exploit your creative potential to configure a unique, distinctive and original sweet offer.

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Master in Cooking &
Sweet Cuisine

September 2023

3 months + internship


On-site (Castellón)

Discover with this master’s degree the synergies between the sweet and savory worlds. In our gastronomy university you will learn, treatments, techniques, pastry, trends in cooking and sweet world and cuisines of the world.

Gastronomy is constantly evolving with new techniques and trends. Continuous training is therefore the best tool to excel as a professional. With this objective in mind, we have designed an eminently practical program that allows you to learn about the synergies between cooking and the sweet cuisine.

Master in Gastronomic Re-evolution and Avant-garde

Enero 2024

2 meses + prácticas


Presencial (Castellón)

A unique master’s degree in the world, with a different approach for those professionals who want to go further. The Spanish gastronomic scene has not stopped advancing at a frenetic pace. Countless events have caused cuisine to evolve and revolutionize a culinary sector.

This revolutionary master’s degree offers professionals a global vision of the sector with the following areas of knowledge: techniques and trends in cooking, revolutionary cuisine, product, management and staging.

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All our students are impressed with our gastronomic campus. An innovative project made up of two campuses that combine high-tech R+D+i with highly-prepared kitchens, experiential classrooms, a workshop, an educational garden, a winery, and a teaching restaurant, among others.

Internships in restaurants and TOP companies in the culinary sector

Our students show their culinary talent in the best restaurants (national and international), recognized with Michelin stars and Repsol suns, and also in well-known companies in the culinary sector, workshops, etc.

Learning by Doing - A key methodology

At Gasma we use an educational model based on practical situations that our students would have to face if they were professionals. When the idea of immediate practice is carried out, the same brain processes are activated as when the actual practice is carried out, resulting in increased attention.

We only remember 5% of what we hear, compared to 75% of what we do. Therefore, practice and repetition are two key elements of this methodology. Having a group of captive students in the classroom taking notes no longer makes sense. Practical training is essential in our educational project and that is why our students will reach the labor market highly qualified.

+ 150 high-level teachers

Our Culinary Team is one of our differential elements and is made up of professionals specialized in each field (many of them Michelin stars), who conduct live classes and share their experience showing what they do every day in their own kitchens.

Small groups for maximum efficiency

At Gasma, taking notes is history. Here you cook side by side with the teachers to put into practice from minute one everything you learn.

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If you have studied gastronomy, but want to improve your training, specialize and take a qualitative leap in your professional career, at Gasma we offer you awide and exclusive offer of Masters in Gastronomy intended for experienced chefs. You can take a Postgraduate in Gastronomy taught by professional chefs with extensive training experience, who are experts in the subject of training. The goal of our Masters Degree in Gastronomyis that you cangain the most advanced knowledge and skills to design recipes of the highest quality, to get to know the products in depth, to practice an infinite number of traditional and avant-garde culinary techniques that are closely related to each other, as well as to develop your creative skills so that you can create dishes capable of moving people, with their own identity and personality . You have different master’s and postgraduate courses for graduates in cooking who are looking for the following professional opportunities:

  • Chef

  • Head of partie in restaurants and hotels.

  • Gastronomic trainiing

  • Research chefs from the food industry.

  • Business entrepreneurs related to the culinary sector.

If you want to do a Master’s Degree in Gastronomy in Spain, in our University you will find the right training.

Discover the offer in Masters in Gastronomy at Gasma designed for professionals who want to lead the gastronomic sector, with whom you can achieve your goals and achieve everything you set your mind to.

Our Master in Gastronomic Sciences is designed to complete training and improve in the following areas: gastronomic fundamentals, culinary techniques, sweet world, creativity, trends and applied management. The most complete Master in Gastronomy if you want to take a definitive leap in your career. We have the Master’s in Gastronomy: for students in South America.

We offer you a Master in Pastry and Pastry that will prepare you to become a true pastry chef, paying special attention to cutting-edge techniques and trends in restaurant desserts. It will give you a global vision of the sweet world and provide you with the tools and knowledge to become a reference pastry chef. We have the Master in pastry and confectionery::

  • Master in Cooking and Sweet World:

With our Master in Gastronomy and the Sweet World you will discover the synergies between the sweet and savory world, in addition to learning treatments, techniques, confectionery, trends in cooking and the sweet world and cuisines of the world.

  • Master in Gastronomic Re-evolution and Avant-garde:

The Master in Gastronomic Re-evolution and Avant-garde is a unique, totally revolutionary master’s degree in cooking in Spain, which will offer you a global vision of the sector with the following areas of knowledge: cooking techniques and trends, re-evolutionary cooking, product, management and staging.

In addition to the wide range of master’s degrees in cooking, Gasma alsooffers the Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy diseñado para formar a profesionales especializados en técnicas culinarias, así como a profesionales cualificados para dirigir y gestionar negocios gastronómicos. Also you will be able to studygastronomy diplomas designed so that you can continue to expand your knowledge, specialize and not be left behind. You have different specialized programs to choose:

  • Diploma in Sweet World Technique

  • Diploma in Trend and Creativity in Desserts.

  • Diploma in Pastry Chef.

  • Diploma in Gastronomic Techniques.

  • Diploma in Gastronomic Trends.

  • Diploma in Culinary Management.

  • Diploma in Chef de Cuisine.

  • Diploma in Contemporary Gastronomy.

If you want to complete your gastronomic training, specialize and take a quality leap in your career, We have the master’s degree in cooking that you need. Contact us, receive all the information and start as soon as possible.