Gastronomy is a path with a very important vocational component. Studying cooking requires discipline, imagination and creativity. With Gasma you choose a cooking school that is different, both in what it does and how it does it. A personalized, multidisciplinary and eminently practical culinary training is chosen. It is taking the first step to get where you want to go.

Master in Avant-Garde Pastry and Desserts in Restaurants

This program prepares you to become the most complete pastry chef, with special emphasis on avant-garde techniques and trends in restaurant desserts.

This Master will give you a global vision of the sweet world and will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to become a pastry chef of reference. With our Culinary Team, formed by pastry chefs, managers and entrepreneurs, related to the sweet world, you will be able to exploit your creative potential to configure a unique, distinctive and original sweet offer.

May 2023


12 weeks + internships

Master in Gastronomy and Culinary Management

This master’s degree in gastronomy complements the training of professionals to perfect them in the following areas: gastronomic fundamentals, culinary technique, sweet world, creativity, trends and applied management.

It is the most complete option for all those who want to make a definitive leap in their career and for chefs and restaurant owners who want to improve the profitability of their business.

March 2023


19 weeks + internships

Master in Cooking and Sweet World

Discover with this master’s degree the synergies between the sweet and savory worlds. In our gastronomy university you will learn, treatments, techniques, pastry, trends in cooking and sweet world and cuisines of the world.

Gastronomy is constantly evolving with new techniques and trends. Continuous training is therefore the best tool to excel as a professional. With this objective in mind, we have designed an eminently practical program that allows you to learn about the synergies between cooking and the sweet world.

March 2023


13 weeks + internships

Master in Gastronomic Re-evolution and Avant-garde

A unique master’s degree in the world, with a different bet for those professionals who want to go further. The Spanish gastronomic scene has not stopped advancing at a rapid pace. Countless events have caused the kitchen to evolve and revolutionize a culinary sector.

This revolutionary master’s degree offers the professional a global vision of the sector with the following areas of knowledge: techniques and trends in cuisine, re-evolutionary cuisine, product, management and staging.

March 2023


33 weeks + internships