Rafael García Santos
Gastronomic Journalist & Critic
German Carrizo
Creativity & Innovation Professor
Yasmine Elmikati
Bachelor's Degree Student
Training experience

What to think and what to do
Everything we do aims to offer a different training experience. Learning more and better inside and outside the classroom. We are a University that works to be better at an academic and scientific level. We want to do things well and once we do it, we strive to do it even better. All this to achieve two things: making sure our students know how to think and what to do.

A practical question
There is no better lesson than the one you learn by doing. Therefore, in addition to the theoretical training, our academic offer has mandatory and voluntary practices to "learn by doing". Whatever your vocation may be, you will put it into practice from day one. We also have agreements with a large number of companies in which you can take internships to prepare your entrance into the professional world.

Working in project
Education is changing and so are new methodologies. The students' motivation in the classroom is one of the greatest goals of the teachers along with bringing universities closer to the labor world where students will eventually join. The creation of projects within the subjects' framework not only encourages teamwork but also the application of transversal knowledge and work methodologies.


The world in a campus
When you bring together people from more than 45 countries on the same campus, everything takes on a new meaning. Hallway conversations become fascinating stories from far distances, a culture exchange and different ways of seeing the world, relationships and international networking from which you can take advantage in the future, expanding horizons.

From students to professionals
We like that on a daily basis you learn in class what you are passionate about, but we like even more that you can put your professionalism into practice and show it to the world. At Gasma we seek to develop a complete profile of values, competences and attitudes in our students, so that their introduction to the labor market is a complete success.