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Restaurant management and future gastronomic marketing

Restaurant management and gastronomic marketing have drastically changed as a result of the health crisis derived from the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many changes that have been introduced in the hospitality sector … And others that are yet to come. Here we present the most outstanding ones.

Future gastronomic marketing

If you have studied gastronomy in Spain, you are probably aware of the importance of having a marketing strategy for your business. The current situation makes it essential and, even more, conceived from a digital perspective.

These are some of the actual trends in the world of gastronomic marketing.

1. New information technologies and communication

These are the perfect setting for the development of the strategy that you implement. Immediacy and impact represent the fundamental axes compared to other solutions that were used until recently, such as those based on sending emails. Instant communication alternatives, such as chatbots and the mobile messaging apps are also trendinc topics.

2. Customer experience

It is no longer just about seducing customers with top quality dishes that you have learned to prepare during your gastronomy studies. You need to take care of every moment in the relationship that you establish with your audience, from the moment before consumption until after the dish is finished. How will you do it? Generating emotions. Feelings, desire and perceptions come into play to seduce a customer that you will try to retain.

3. Using influencers

Very useful to make yourself known. Having some of the most popular ones, for example, in the city where your establishment is located, will make it more popular. Before deciding to collaborate with an influencer, it is important that you study their profile well to verify that their followers are active and that they represent your target audience. When you attract more customers, you just have to put into practice what you learned in your university gastronomy degree so that they want to return.

4. Sustainability as a starting point

In a society that tries to reduce its environmental footprint, it is a priority to act in the same direction. To do this, use zero kilometer products, give up single-use utensils … You can even create your own garden to have fresh ingredients. 

Restaurant management in a time of crisis

In this scenario of a health crisis, restaurant management undergoes a metamorphosis. You will have to be attentive to profitability in the short and medium term. It is not enough to focus on overcoming the day to day: you will have to set your eyes further on the horizon!

Although you may have not addressed measures related to the pandemic in your university degree in culinary arts, you will have to be up to date. Find out about everything that refers to readjusting spaces, keeping safe distances, resorting to the use of hydroalcoholic gel, extreme cleaning of surfaces such as tables and chairs, increasing ventilation and tracing routes within the premises for entry and exit.

Gestión de restaurantes - delivery

Delivery trends are also making their way, as well as the digital presence of firms that aspire to continue maintaining their market share. Offering services online is gaining ground, with the same simplicity as if they were offered at a counter. QR codes replace paper menus, and direct attention finds its echo in social networks, blogs and other options present on the Internet.

Restaurant management, in short, evolves rapidly in order not to lag behind the competition. The pulse is continuous and, to win it, you will have to bet on some of the ideas that we collect here. Don’t waste time and expand your training at Gasma, the gastronomic campus of CEU – Cardenal Herrera University.

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