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Creating a safe space

Gasma has been preparing so that with the start of the academic year, face-to-face activities can be resumed in a safe environment. The facilities have been adapted and specific safety and hygiene protocols have been developed to continue training our students with all safety measures.

In this space you will find all the information related to the security measures to guarantee that our Gastronomic Campus is a safe space.

Many of us are uneasy at the thought of returning to the classroom, but it is a situation we are already facing and have prepared for.

We are getting back to normality, we are getting back together, but we are doing it with a lot of prudence and organization, taking care of each other.

For this reason, together with the CEU Cardenal Herrera University, Gasma has developed specific protocols to deal with this situation calmly and with all the appropriate measures in place.