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Title: Graduate in Gastronomy

Addressed to: Students who want to work and develop their profession in the field of gastronomy, whether in the executive or in the management and business creation. Students who wish to develop their career in the field of agro-food industry. Students interested in developing their careers in university education and research.

Calendar: 15/10/2020

Creditos: 240 ECTS

Course lenght: 4 years

Price: 12,450€

Availability: 15

Language: English & Spanish

Located in: Castellón, Spain, Europe


What makes us different?

Innovative Approach

The objective of this Bachelor’s Degree is to train professionals specialized in culinary techniques, but also qualified to direct and manage a restaurant anywhere in the world.

It is not just about training the most innovative and advanced chefs, but also about guaranteeing the best training in professional management for the gastronomic and catering sector. That is why this is the only official Bachelor’s Degree that combines haute cuisine with management and mixes the key ingredients of food with the techniques to generate the most profitable gastronomic business. Because nowadays great chefs are also a brand, right?

Avant-garde Facilities

Without avant-garde facilities you cannot study avant-garde cuisine. That is why all the practical part of this degree takes place at Gasma, Gastronomy & Culinary Management Campus.

Gasma is located at only 5 minutes from CEU Cardenal Herrera University and the facilities are considered by many to be the best for gastronomy training in all southern Europe. In fact, specialization programs for professionals around the world take place at Gasma and it is not uncommon to meet a chef with two or three Michelin stars teaching a Masterclass during any other week of the course.

Profession in the Classroom

To be a good professional of gastronomy (one of the best) you must be in contact with the best professionals in the sector, it seems logical does it not? That is why the best kitchen professionals collaborate in the teaching methodology of this degree. Michelin star chefs and other international award winners teach intensification seminars, develop practical workshops, and have been involved in the development of the contents and techniques of all subjects. Since cooking is a contact profession, it is good to be in contact with the best from day one.

International Vocation 

In your day to day at CEU Cardenal Herrera University you will be surrounded by students who come from more than 70 countries and this will be a unique experience for you. This Bachelor’s Degree is studied by young people of more than 65 different nationalities. In fact, more than 75% of students in this degree are international, young people who come from countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia to study with us.

That is why if you study Gastronomy at CEU and with Gasma, Gastronomy & Culinary Management Campus you already know that a good part of your classmates will be from here and there and from that country that you did not even know. Of course they will all have something in common: the passion to be the best internationally, do you feel that passion?