We want to go one step further and bring the reality of the profession closer to the classroom. That is why we offer you our Culinary Team: a team of professionals made up of the best experts in each area of ​​knowledge, who teach, help and advise the teaching staff of our gastronomic campus.

Training at Gasma also means sharing cuisine, knowledge and experiences with Michelin-star chefs, with leading pastry chefs and with managers and entrepreneurs who have managed to promote successful restaurants. Because they know better than anyone that the future of the sector involves training professionals with a global vision of the gastronomic business. That is their commitment.

Teachers & Culinary Team

These are some of the teachers that are or have been part of our teaching team.

Teachers in Patisserie, Baking & Ice Creams


Vanesa Bustos
Juan Ángel Rodrigálvarez
Mamen Lahuerta

Teachers in Techniques & Products


Adolfo Romero
Mario Padial
Guillem Corral
Jordi Ferrer
Julen Urtasun
Ferrán Lleixa Ramón
Marc Piqué

Teachers in Creativity & Innovation


Andrea Dopico
David Gil
Cristina García
Raúl Bernal
José Manuel Marcos Candela
Xavi Donnay
Julia Moreno
Toni Pons
Eric Ortuño
Miguel Señorís
Joana Artieda
Oriol Balaguer
Carles Mampel
José Romero

Teachers in Management


Xose Cannas
Robert Lensink
Kike Algora
Sixto Jordán
Jordi Rosell
Guillermo Regulés
Rafa Zafra
Jesús Olabarría
Rafael López

Teachers in Marketing & Communications


Lala Canella
Txaber Allué

For more information, consult the experts who collaborate with Gasma in the following link Culinary Team.

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