The Master’s Degree program is intended for students and professionals in the gastronomy and pastry field who want a qualitative leap in their training and career.

Access Requirements

The ideal candidate for the master’s programme will hold a university degree in the area of gastronomy, pastry or culinary science. For candidates with degrees in other areas, consideration will be given to experience in the gastronomy field, i.e. professional kitchens, restaurants, pastry workshops, etc.

Those candidates without university degree who access the Master’s programme and by the end of the programme cannot attest to be in possession of the necessary requirements to be able to receive the ‘Master’s Degree’ title, will receive instead a Specialization Diploma issued by UCH-CEU.

Exceptionally, the master’s admissions committee may authorize access to candidates without university degrees who can attest a professional experience profile that makes them eligible for the normal following of classes. As an example, these types of profiles can be:

  • Advanced vocational training degrees, technical studies or diplomas in gastronomy and/or pastry.
  • Other non-regulated studies in gastronomy and/or pastry from reference schools or centers.
  • Having developed a professional activity in restaurants, pastry workshops, etc. for a minimum period of 2 years.