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This master complements the training of professionals to improve them in the following areas: gastronomic foundations, technique and creativity, and trends.

Title: Master's Degree in Contemporary Pastry

Addressed to: The Master's Degree program is intended for students and professionals with entrepreneurial attitude. This training will be a qualitative leap in their professional careers.

Calendar: February 2021

Creditos: 67 ECTS

Price: 6.950 €

Availability: Limited

Language: Spanish

Located in: Castellón, Spain, Europe

Master in Contemporary Pastry


The pastry and the world of sweet cooking is a sector that requires professionalization and continuous training to respond to the new challenges it faces. Until recently, self-taught experience and training have formed the knowledge base of the professionals who have undertaken this work. We offer you specialized, current and different training.


The main goal is for the participant to know and value the work of the different factors that play a decisive role in pastry creations. All this under constant supervision by the teachers and a continuous evaluation of knowledge.

This Master’s complements the training to make professionals excel in the following areas: Product, technique, creativity, and trends.

  • You will master the principles of formulation to achieve your own and original creations in line with the new pastry trends and you will enhance your creativity by mastering, not only classical, but also some of the most innovative and successful techniques.
  • We will travel through the world’s cuisines to merge them with contemporary proposals.
  • Cardenal Herrera University and Gasma opt for an innovative methodology and an active role for participants: practical sessions, Master classes, workshops, visits, etc. You will lean from the experience of our Culinary Team.
  • You will bet on Networking. Being in the contact with the Chefs and the professionals that take part in your training, will allow you to drive your own gastronomic community. At the end, you will complete your training with 350 external practice hours in some of the best restaurants in Spain.