This master complements the training of professionals to improve them in the following areas: gastronomic foundations, technique and creativity, and trends.

Title: Master in Gastronomy and Culinary Management (MGM)

Addressed to: The Master's Degree program is intended for students and professionals with entrepreneurial attitude. This training will be a qualitative leap in their professional careers.

Calendar: September 2021

Creditos: 90 ECTS

Price: 10.500 €

Availability: Limited

Language: Spanish

Located in: Castellón, Spain. Europe

Master in Gastronomy and Culinary Management

Innovative Approach

The purpose of this Master is to train professionals specialized in culinary techniques, but also to qualify them in order to manage culinary businesses, both out or within our borders. It is not just about completing the training of the future chef. The goal is to enrich and develop professionals profiles related with the current different culinary businesses typologies.

Professionals capable of doing high profitable gastronomy, but also of establishing the marketing plans of the agro-food industry, managing the research and development departments or developing the necessary tools to generate the most adequate type of custom service.

To sum up, it is about achieving the necessary knowledge, abilities and skills to reach the excellence in gastronomy.

Avant-garde Facilities

The students will have access to cutting-edge facilities equipped with all kind of professional tools, machines and utensils. It is surrounded by a natural and scientific environment, where students will give full rein to their creativity in the kitchen and in their different projects.

Professionalism in the Classroom

A good professional in Gastronomy needs to be in contact with the best experts in this area. The professors apply not only a scientific and pedagogical method of teaching in all the subjects, but also share their own experience in this industry.

Global Vocation

Our students will have the opportunity of living together with an international community of more than 70 different countries, which enrich culturally this international campus. They learn together and share their culture, their food and their way of life. Studying here is like traveling around the 5 continents, like going through all the worldwide gastronomies.


The main purpose of this master is to provide the professionals with an overview of this sector and to specialize them in the gastronomic field and the culinary management.

The world is changing and the way of training professionals like you does it too. Thus, in addition to a practical training applied from the first day, you will be able to place value on the knowledge acquired in real businesses.

You will understand the fundamentals of cooking and you will learn deeply the product and its characteristics. You will discover worldwide culinary techniques and develop your creative potential. Thus, you will be able to produce an original gastronomic offer.

You will develop a complete professional profile thanks to the study of different areas such as patisserie or bakery. You will have the necessary management tools to achieve a kitchen both profitable and tasty, and you will get first-hand knowledge about the most successful models of business.

Gasma opts for an innovative methodology and an attractive function for the participants: practical sessions, Master classes, workshops, visits, etc. You will lean from the experience of our Culinary Team and from the best experts in Gastronomic Management.

You will bet on Networking. Moreover, being in the contact with the Chefs and the professionals that take part in your training, will allow you to drive your own gastronomic community. At the end, you will complete your training with 530 external practice hours in some of the best restaurants in Spain.

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