We want to go one step further and bring the reality of the profession closer to the classroom. That is why we offer you our Culinary Team: a team of professionals made up of the best experts in each area of ​​knowledge, who teach, help and advise the teaching staff of our gastronomic campus.

Training at Gasma also means sharing cuisine, knowledge and experiences with Michelin-star chefs, with leading pastry chefs and with managers and entrepreneurs who have managed to promote successful restaurants. Because they know better than anyone that the future of the sector involves training professionals with a global vision of the gastronomic business. That is their commitment.

Teachers & Culinary Team

Below you have the list of professionals currently teaching in this program, as well as those who have been part of it in previous editions.

Teachers in Food Technology


Jordi Ferrer

Teachers in Technique & Products


Álvaro Garrido
Dani Franco
Ignacio Echapresto
Javier Estévez
M. Ángel De La Cruz
Óscar Velasco
Sergio Humada
Begoña Rodrigo
Diego Gallegos
Ivan Domínguez
Javier Olleros
Manuel Alonso
Raúl Resino
Vicente Patiño
Bern Knoller
Fernando Del Cerro
J. Carlos Fuentes
Jorge Muñoz
Marcos Morán
Sergio Bastard
Xose T. Cannas

Teachers in Innovation & Creativity


Mariano Alcañiz
Paco Pérez
Juan Fra Valiente
Kiko Moya

Teachers in Patisserie & Bakery


Carles Mampel
Jesús Machí
Daniel Álvarez
David Gil
Carito Lourenço
Jordi Puigvert

proceso admision




Carlos Espinal


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