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Students learn in practical and participatory sessions by working with national and internationally renowned chefs. As far as the management area is concerned, students face real business situations and learn first-hand about major success stories

Within the Master’s program, there will be also Master Classes taught by internationally renowned chefs and professionals who, in a session, will show their philosophy, principles and research methods used to develop a personal and differentiating style.

Likewise, the program will have seminars on product and raw materials and their culinary applications: specific sessions that will focus on a raw product, where knowledgeable experts and guest chefs will develop a broad vision on the subject.

The training is completed with internships at the best restaurants, where students will put what they learned at Gasma’s classrooms to the test. The duration of the internships is approximately 4 months.

The program will last for eight months. The first four months will be taught at Gasma, Gastronomy and Culinary Management Campus of CEU Cardenal Herrera University. The following four months, students will  be completing a unique and multiconcept training at different themed gastronomic restaurants that will be tutored at all times.



This unit allows students to learn the fundamentals of gastronomy at a global level plus the techniques and creative tools capable of making it evolve. From classic elaborations like stocks, jus, sauces and traditional stews, to those that set trends around the world: contemporary tapas, Japanese cuisine, Peruvian cuisine, Nikkei cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Fusion cuisine, signature cuisine, classic techniques, classicism’s modernization, re-evolutionary cuisine, restaurant desserts, etc.


Change has come to high gastronomic value kitchens around the world. Ingredients that went unnoticed before, take prominence nowadays to kick start an evolution with much development ahead. Side dishes take the leading role, and staging becomes a fundamental part of each menu, making the customer both a participant and main actor.


The goal of this unit is for students to master those management tools that are applied to gastronomy and cooking processes for a more efficient organization. Students will be able to anticipate the main trends to design a successful gastronomic concept. Dining room service will be taken in special consideration, vindicating the inestimable value that waiters have in our proposal. Beverages will be closely revisited: Wines, liquors, cocktails and coffee are a fundamental part of the gastronomic business. In addition, students will be trained in the creation of new gastronomic businesses as well as beverage management, dining room service and staging.


The Master’s Degree Final Project allows students to implement all the skills acquired during their training. It reflects the ideal business model that combines excellence in Gastronomy with guidelines for a more sustainable management.

In this project, which will be carried out at the end of the internship, students will develop a new concept whose key element will be the presentation of a tasting menu integrating everything they learned in the program. Staging and service for this menu will be taken into account as well.


The internships will be held at some of the most prestigious gastronomic restaurants in Spain allowing students to enhance their knowledge and have a global vision.