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This diploma complements the training to make professionals excel in the following areas: Gastronomic bases, technique, creativity and trends.

Title: University Diploma in Contemporary Cuisine

Addressed to: This program is addressed to University Graduates, Cooking and Patisserie Intermediate and Advanced Vocational Training Students, and to professionals in the culinary sector who want to be trained in the sweet world in order to make a qualitative leap in their career.

Calendar: September 2021

Creditos: 51 ECTS

Price: 5.800 €

Availability: Limited

Language: Spanish

Located in: Castellón, Spain. Europe

University Diploma in Contemporary Cuisine


The world of Gastronomy is a field that demands professionalism and continuous training to face all the new challenges. Until recently, experience and self-training have been the basic education of the professionals who have taken on this work. Now we offer you a specialized, contemporary and different education.


The goal is that students learn and value the contribution of all factors involved in gastronomy: farmers, manufacturers, distributors, laboratories, R&D+i, etc. All this under constant supervision from teachers and a continuous knowledge assessment.

  • You will learn the basics of international gastronomy by “traveling” through the world’s cuisines, both in terms of techniques and products. You will delve into the basics that govern nowadays’ culinary reality and you will learn the classical techniques to extract all the essence of your cuisine.
  • You will master the so called ‘green cuisine’ as one of the great trends that leads contemporary gastronomy. You will develop your creative potential; enabling you to configure a unique and original gastronomic offer, while learning about the latest international trends.
  • Cardenal Herrera University and Gasma opt for an innovative methodology and an active role for participants: practical sessions, Master classes, workshops, visits, etc. You will lean from the experience of our Culinary Team and from the best experts in Gastronomic Management.
  • You will bet on Networking. Being in the contact with the Chefs and the professionals that take part in your training, will allow you to drive your own gastronomic community. At the end, you will complete your training with 350 external practice hours in some of the best restaurants in Spain.