Students train in practical and participatory sessions by working along internationally renowned chefs. We bet on experiential learning beyond the classroom.

Upon completion of the Diploma, students must accredit the acquired skills in an eminently practical Diploma Final Project. Training includes internships in top gastronomic restaurants once the teaching period is over and the Diploma Final Project has been completed. The internship duration is 350 hours, which can be validated by accrediting skills.



Discover the most innovative and current techniques in the world of sweet cuisine. A journey that will take you from tradition to avant-garde. You will develop your creativity by working hand in hand with the best professionals in the world.


Discover the trends in sweet and dessert cuisine that will turn your proposal into an attractive offer.


Learn about creativity management tools and apply them as a guideline to your sweet gastronomic proposal. Develop your creative potential.


The TFD is a project that all students are required to work on. In it, students will put into practice all the knowledge and skills acquired during the programme.


Complete your training in gourmet restaurants and prestigious businesses. Learn from the experience of the best professionals and through teamwork at the highest level. Experience the day-to-day of the culinary profession.

Our participants take their internships in restaurants that are acknowledged in the best international guides: Michelin, Repsol & 50 Best.