To get far, motivation is key. That is why we have several Scholarship and Financial Aid programs that allow our students to have a study aid.

The University is a space to discover and enhance talent.

Scholarships & Study Aid


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This scholarship program rewards the effort of our Bachelor’s Degree students and is based on the student’s engagement to a maximum of 25 hours per week of collaborative tasks in activities of the University. These activities will be remunerated with a monthly payment. Students will use this income to cover part of the cost of their studies.

Recipients of this scholarship develop activities that are usually related to the skills they are learning in their degree, so in addition to economic benefits, they also get an opportunity to improve their training.

Application requirements

The award criteria depend on the different activity profiles. These will be available when students apply for the Scholarships. This financial aid is incompatible with any other type of work inside or outside the University. Students can only be grantees of this scholarship for 2 years (1 + 1).


  • To have a higher grade than the rest of the candidates and to be rated as excellent by the Commission.
  • Certificate of one or several languages.

Requested documents

  • Curriculum vitae with photo.
  • For national students: academic certificate with the grades of the third and fourth year of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), the grades of the first year of High School / Post-Secondary Vocational Training (CFGS) and the average grade of the second year of High School / Post-Secondary Vocational Training (CFGS). For international students: the average grades of the first year of High School.
  • The family income statement of the last fiscal year.
  • Language certificates (optional).
  • Documentation accrediting cultural and sports activities (optional).
  • A letter of motivation.


Until the 4th of June: submission of application and documentation.
11th of June: resolution of scholarships.

Students who have applied for this scholarship in previous calls must submit all the required documentation again.

The collaborative tasks start at the beginning of the academic year and end on the 30th of June.
The applicant may choose between one of the following types of aid, whose financial aid consists of the gross amount, as requested and granted in each case.

Types of “Reward your Effort” Aid: 




Academic Excellence Scholarship


We have more than 90 scholarships for new students. This scholarship offers a reduction between 65% and 100% of the total price of each academic year. Moreover you will know if we have granted you this Scholarship before the 1th of June, that is to say before getting the results the University Entrance Examinations (PAU)

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UCH-CEU Scholarship for outstanding grades


This is the reward for those students with best academic performance. The only requirement for this scholarship is the academic excellence.

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UCH-CEU Enrolment for Large Families


We offer a reduction between 30% and 60% for your enrolment fee.

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Unstoppable Aid


Aware of the current situation, Gasma has launched the Unstoppable Aid, for those students in a vulnerable situation due to the COVID-19 crisis.

These grants will go to students who have been directly affected by COVID-19 and whose economic situation prevents them from facing the costs associated with their training.

Each scholarship student will enjoy a discount of up to € 3,000 on the academic fees of the course.

Alumni CEU Aid


Discount of up to 20% for having completed official studies at any of the CEU educational centers, or for being a full member of the CEU Alumni Association.

Payment Method Discount


3% discount on registration, deducted the reservation of place: For payment of the entire course in a single receipt.
2% discount on registration, deducted the reservation of place: For payment grouped into quarters.

Remember that you can also contact local, regional and national organizations that offer scholarships that are compatible with those described here.



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