Universidad Gastronómica Gasma

Carlos Medina


Although he began studying Audiovisual Communication in Valencia, he left his studies to enter the School of Hospitality and Tourism in Valencia.

He got a stage at Martín Berasategui and an internship at El Bulli -3* Michelin-, where he started working in 2008, defining his cuisine and becoming passionate about technique and chemistry. After leaving El Bulli, Carlos worked in other prestigious restaurants such as Ca Sento -1* Michelin- and Las Rejas -1* Michelin-, where he was fascinated by the mix of tradition and modernity.

Appointed Creative Director at DN-Innovation at Taipei University of Food Technology, Taiwan and went to Asia. Once there, in 2013, he was hired to run the Creative Department at Andre Restaurant in Singapore. His time on TopChef turned him into one of the most identifiable faces of the culinary program.

He is currently a chef promoter and is dedicated to advising and enhancing the capabilities of restaurants, gastropubs and catering and restaurant businesses in general.

In which Master’s degree program does Carlos Medina teach?