Universidad Gastronómica Gasma

Carlos Pérez


Under Marcelo Tejedor, Carlos Pérez learned many of the procedures and concepts that he continues to use and respect on a daily basis. But above all, his work at Casa Marcelo brought him into contact with a culture that would change his life: he had the opportunity to travel to Japan. He was so fascinated by the Orient that as soon as he returned from Asia, he told his boss that he needed a change to learn the secrets of Japanese gastronomy in depth.

His next stop was Madrid, specifically in the Kabuki group headed by Ricardo Sanz. He stayed for more than 3 years (another decisive stage in his career) until 2013, when he returned to Casa Marcelo, this time under a new and completely renovated format: a tavern serving Galician vs. Japanese cuisine in tapas and portions. Thanks to his experience and knowledge. Fifteen years after moving to Santiago de Compostela, he made the journey back to A Coruña to set up Hokutō, his own small tavern.