Universidad Gastronómica Gasma

Daniel Álvarez


Pastry chef, chocolatier and owner of Dalúa pastry shop in Elche (Alicante). Daniel Álvarez has remained for years as a benchmark of our best signature pastries and his establishment in Elche remains a must-visit temple. It offers a wide range of daily pastries, chocolates, cold cakes, travel specialties, singles, and a wide assortment of packaged products.

His panettones have become famous throughout the area, but they are also one of the reasons why he often fills his “haute boulangerie” courses. Another of the company’s star products is the millefeuille, an ode to fragility. His general expertise with fermented and flaky doughs will soon be crystallized in a monographic book.

In which Master’s Degree does Daniel Álvarez teach?