Universidad Gastronómica Gasma

Kiko Moya


He trained as a Superior Technician in Restoration at the CdT Alicante. After finishing his studies, he completed various stages in the country’s great kitchens, culminating in the summer of 1998 with a stage at elBulli, which, according to the chef from Alicante, changed his life.

Kiko Moya joined the L’Escaleta team in 1999 to become the second generation in charge of the family restaurant that his parents had created with a couple of friends.

Surrounded by rivers, mountains and rocks, L’Escaleta transports you to the countryside, where it has been since 1999 when Kiko Moya, the second generation of chefs, moved it from a basement in Cocentaina.

Today, both parents and children live together in the kitchen and living room.

In which Cooking Degree and Master’s Degree does Kiko Moya teach?