Universidad Gastronómica Gasma

Marcos Morán


Born in Prendes Asturias in 1979.

He is the fifth generation of a saga dedicated to the restaurant business and runs with his father Pedro the family business Restaurante Casa Gerardo, today in the hands of the fourth and fifth generation of this Asturian family saga and with a Michelin star since 1986.

The establishment started out as a restaurant; it was gradually converted into a high-class restaurant without losing its commitment to traditional cuisine, and it showed the first signs of gastronomic modernization in Spain back in the eighties.

Today, Pedro and Marcos Morán are immersed in a cautious culinary evolution and sign dishes such as their legendary fabada de Prendes, fabes con almeja (beans with clams) or pitu de caleya (free-range chicken), along with new recipes such as Bocadillo crujiente de quesos (crispy cheese sandwich), Nuevo cóctel de manzana (new apple cocktail) or Crema de arroz con leche requemada (cream of rice pudding).