Universidad Gastronómica Gasma

Mario Payán

International Cuisine

Mario Payán is justifiably renowned among sushi aficionados in Madrid, as Ricardo Sanz’s first collaborator at the two Kabuki restaurants and responsible for the one at Presidente Carmona when the latter matched the Michelin star he had already earned at the Wellington.

Kappo, which simply means cooking, is the generic name of a type of Japanese restaurant that is booming, practicing kaiseki or traditional cuisine, combined with raw fish, and with a little more refinement than that of the well-known izakayas or traditional taverns. In this case, the place is bare of any decoration, as required by the canons.

Mario officiates from the bar practicing a live show cooking, he works without a menu and with the only option of the tasting menu under kaiseki format, that is to say, traditional and quite orthodox bites with raw fish of maximum freshness. A business model similar to that of izakayas or traditional Japanese taverns.

In which Master’s Degree does Mario Payán teach?