Universidad Gastronómica Gasma

Paco Llopis


Master chocolatier, son of the owners of the Llopis Pastry Shop in Alzira, a true institution in the province of Valencia. She grew up in the family bakery, located on the first floor of our house, and soon became interested in dough, pastries and, above all, chocolate.

He trained in the bakeries of Paco Torreblanca, Joan Baixas and Tino Helguera. He returned to the family business to create the Llopis chocolate shop and from there to London, where he worked under the orders of Pierre Gagnaire (Sketch Restaurant), Gerard Coleman (Artisan du chocolat) and Gerhard Jenne (Konditor&Cook).

Back in Spain, I created Utopick to give free rein to my culinary interests. During the last two years he has been a chocolate teacher in several pastry masters.