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Ricardo Sanz

International Cuisine

If there is a name in Spain linked to sushi and Japanese cuisine, it is Ricardo Sanz, a man who started in the restaurant business with a hamburger and tapas bar and whose life took a radical turn when he met chef Maso Kikuchi.

After four years of apprenticeship with the master at the legendary Tokio Taro, Sanz set out on his own and opened his first restaurant. Its name, Kabuki, is well known among food lovers.

Although the first Kabuki restaurant began serving classic Japanese food, it soon opted to fuse Oriental techniques with Spanish and Mediterranean products. In fact, he is the precursor of the fusion between Japanese and Spanish gastronomy.

Kabuki was the first Spanish restaurant of Japanese cuisine to achieve a Michelin star and Sanz was the first sushiman of our country to participate in the prestigious competition The 7 samurai of sushi.