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Xosé T. Cannas

Gastronomy - Innovation

Xosé T. Cannas was born in Vigo in 1973. He has been in charge of the kitchen of the restaurant Pepe Vieira Camiño Da Serpe, which he set up with his brother, sommelier Xoan Cannas, for more than twenty years.

He began his training in Santiago de Compostela and graduated as a Technician in Tourism Companies and Activities. In 1990 he traveled to Canada and worked at The Checkers restaurant.

After being educated in the kitchens of several countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom and France, he is now in charge as head chef in his own business in the town of Poio, Pontevedra. Pepe Vieira continuously researches new ways of expressing local products and teaches classes for professionals.

Recognized as one of the values of the current cuisine, among the recognitions to his work, the Best Galician Chef Award in 2002 and the Michelin star in 2008 (which he maintains) and 2 repsol suns stand out.