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Yasmine el Mekati (Egypt): “Studying at Gasma offers you great work opportunities”

Yasmine el Mekati comes from Egypt and she is a second year student of the Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Management at Gasma. She enjoys travelling and practicing sports and she describes herself as a hardworking, helpful and dedicated person. We have asked her a few questions to know more about her experience, hobbies and, most of all, about her passion for gastronomy.

When did you know that you would dedicate yourself to gastronomy?
My passion for gastronomy started around 10th grade (is the first year of secondary education in Egypt). It was then when I started cooking and baking more at home during my free time.

Do you have any obsession as a cook?
I wouldn’t call it an obsession, but what I like the most is baking and cooking sweet desserts!

Which ingredients have you discovered at Gasma and you can’t get them out of your head?
During these 2 years I have discovered a lot of new ingredients and I have tasted dishes that I didn’t know before coming to Gasma. The ones that I can’t get out of my head are quail with salmis, fried garlic and of course… patatas bravas!

If you had to highlight a dish from a partner, which one would it be?
There are plenty but the one that comes to my mind is quail ‘escabeche’ (an ancient way of preserving food in a spiced vinegar and wine marinade).

Vanguard or tradition?

What did your childhood taste like?
I come from Egypt, so my childhood was full of spices

What gastronomic experience will you never forget in your life?
I feel that I have just started my journey through Gastronomy, but by know my most valuable experience is gaining more knowledge from the great chefs that teach at Gasma.

What would your ideal restaurant be like?
I would like my restaurant to be welcoming and to have a nice atmosphere. For me it is also important to build a sustainable, eco-friendly business. And of course, offering good quality food to our guests is a must!

What do you think about when you don’t think about cooking?
That’s easy. I think about sports!

What is the best thing about studying at Gasma?
Studying at Gasma offers you great work opportunities. That is definitely one of the best things. I would like also to point out the importance of meeting great chefs on a daily basis and last but not least, I really enjoy learning different cultures from both Spanish and international students.

Yasmine el Mekati during a pastry lesson
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