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Re-Evolution and


What does gastronomic re-evolution mean? It means reinventing, experimenting, innovating and relearning how the profile of any gastronomic professional should be today.

Far from the traditional learning model, within the current sector cooking well is no longer enough. Being the best in the kitchen is no longer enough. It is essential to know how to combine culinary talent with a successful and profitable business model. Because Gastronomy and Management are not isolated disciplines.

For this reason, at Gasma we give you what others cannot. In addition to powerful culinary learning, our programs have specific training in marketing, accounting, consumer psychology, business models and also constant training in English (both general and specific to the field of gastronomy) to facilitate your global mobility, expand your job possibilities and keep up to date in your profession.

As a university of gastronomy 100% committed to the avant-garde, we make sure that your preparation is excellent in all aspects of the gastronomic world.

We are located in Spain

The gastronomic epicenter of the Mediterranean
with an international character

Join an educational experience

Exceptional Training

State-of-the-art facilities and
100% equipped

All our students are impressed with our gastronomic campus. An innovative project made up of two campuses that combine high-tech R+D+i with highly-prepared kitchens, experiential classrooms, a workshop, an educational garden, a winery, and a teaching restaurant, among others.

Internships in restaurants and TOP companies in the culinary sector

Our students show their culinary talent in the best restaurants (national and international), recognized with Michelin stars and Repsol suns, and also in well-known companies in the culinary sector, workshops, etc.

+ 150 high-level teachers

Our Culinary Team is one of our differential elements and is made up of professionals specialized in each field (many of them Michelin stars), who conduct live classes and share their experience showing what they do every day in their own kitchens.

Highlighted Academic Programs

That students from more than 75 countries have already studied

Master's in Gastronomy and Culinary Management

September 2023

14 places


On-site (Castellon)

This master’s degree in gastronomy complements the training of professionals to perfect them in the following areas: gastronomic fundamentals, culinary technique, sweet world, creativity, trends and applied management.

It is the most complete option for all those who want to make a definitive leap in their career and for chefs and restaurant owners who want to improve the profitability of their business.

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Master in Avant-Garde Pastry and Desserts in Restaurants

November 2023

12 places


On-site (Castellon)

This program prepares you to become the most complete pastry chef, with special emphasis on avant-garde techniques and trends in restaurant desserts.

This Master will give you a global vision of the sweet world and will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to become a pastry chef of reference. With our Culinary Team, formed by pastry chefs, managers and entrepreneurs, related to the sweet world, you will be able to exploit your creative potential to configure a unique, distinctive and original sweet offer.

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Master in Gastronomy &
Sweet Cuisine

September 2023

12 places


On-site (Castellon)

Discover with this master’s degree the synergies between the sweet and savory worlds. In our gastronomy university you will learn, treatments, techniques, pastry, trends in cooking and sweet world and cuisines of the world.

Gastronomy is constantly evolving with new techniques and trends. Continuous training is therefore the best tool to excel as a professional. With this objective in mind, we have designed an eminently practical program that allows you to learn about the synergies between cooking and the sweet world.

Our greatest pride

Our students

An international campus

Gasma welcomes students from all over the world, creating an enriching and diverse environment. This cultural diversity fosters the exchange of ideas and experiences, promoting global learning and a truly inclusive university community.

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Gasma is a University of Gastronomy where you can study culinary arts and receive training from highly experienced professional chefs, who will share all their knowledge and teach you the most advanced culinary techniques so that you can become a renowned chef and culinary manager.

At our Gastronomic University we will teach you how to turn your talent into success, because cooking well today is not enough to succeed in the challenges that the gastronomic sector faces today. Therefore, we will give you the guidelines and tools you need to learn and succeed.

You will be surrounded by professional chefs who will teach you a different way of understanding gastronomy and will help you become a benchmark in gastronomy, helping you build a solid career.

Our University of Gastronomic Sciences is located in Castellón de la Plana, Spain and offers you a Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy and a wide selection of masters’ degrees and culinary courses of the highest quality, so that you can choose the most suitable one based on your level and concerns.

If you want to study gastronomy and culinary arts and become a professional chef, at Gasma we have the largest training offer in gastronomy that will adapt to your needs and will offer you the knowledge you need to acquire the best skills in the kitchen:

Gastronomy Masters’ Degrees:


You will also be able to enroll our Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy, where you will receive personalized, multidisciplinary and practical training, with the aim of becoming a professional specialized in culinary techniques who will be able to direct and manage your own gastronomic business in the future.

Our Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy is aimed at students who want to work and develop their career in the field of gastronomy, the agri-food industry or guide it towards university training and research.

Likewise, we also have a wide selection of gastronomic diplomas of the highest quality, which will allow you to go a step further in your training, perfect and take the step to become the chef you want to be:

Pastry Chef Diploma.
Culinary Management Diploma.
Gastronomic Chef Diploma.
Diploma in gastronomic techniques.
Diploma in gastronomic trends.

In the gastronomic area, Gasma has professionals with recognized experience in the world of gastronomy.

The teaching staff is made up of university professors, international personalities and specialists in specific sectors of the culinary world who complement the training of the Curriculum.

The faculty of the CEU-Cardenal Herrera University contribute their experience in the development of the necessary skills for the areas of Business and Marketing, Food Technology, Communication, etc.

In essence, the Gasma faculty is made up of professionals capable of:

1. Identify the main problems and challenges of current gastronomy and transmit them in the classroom.

2. Plan and implement the contents of gastronomic teaching and assess its relationship with other areas of knowledge.

3. To have as main objective the evolution of the students basing the teaching on a personalized and close attention.