Universidad Gastronómica Gasma

Jorge Muñoz

International cuisine

Jorge Muñoz was born in 1985 in Peru. In 2000 he arrived in Barcelona with his family and in 2004 he traveled to Australia where he started working in the hotel industry. Upon his return to Barcelona, he began his training at CETT. In 2009 he moved to Paris to do a master’s degree at Cordon Bleu. After finishing he returned to Barcelona and in 2012 he joined as a stagier in the team of the 41st experience of Albert Adrià, where he played all the games. In 41º he cooked traditional Peruvian food for his classmates and that’s how when he finished his stage he was offered to belong and lead the Pakta project together with Kyoko, chef who worked at Tickets, also from elBarri. In September 2012, the first tests with traditional dishes from Peru and Japan began together.

In April 2013 they develop a new tasting menu for Pakta restaurant with the aim of discovering both Peruvian and Japanese cuisine and the fusion of both. In 2014 he obtained his first star with the Pakta team.

In 2015 it received the award for best international restaurant granted by the ABC newspaper. Since March 2020, he has been head chef at the Peruvian restaurant Astrid&Gaston.