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How to study gastronomy and be a successful chef

You know it’s not easy, but it’s what you’ve always wanted: to be a chef. In fact, if you have come this far, it is because you are looking for answers. Are you going to study gastronomy? We want to solve all your doubts about our Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Management, and show you what the required skills in the professions of chef or pastry chef are. Finally, we have put together a list of tips for you to achieve success in your professional career. Are you ready?

How to study gastronomy and be a successful chef

The globalization of the job market in an industry such as the gastronomic one is a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth for restless, curious and open-minded people. Mainly because it allows working in multicultural teams, anywhere in the world. Betting on Gasma, a campus with students of more than 72 nationalities, is taking the first step towards a career of international projection.

If you do not have previous knowledge in gastronomy, start with the Bachelor’s Degree; On the other hand, if you are already an active worker, take advantage of diplomas, university courses or master’s degrees. And, in any case, be sure to pay attention to the following tips.

Never stop learning

A good idea is to expand your knowledge, either to dedicate yourself to research or innovation of food products or to launch yourself into the management of large hotel or restaurant projects. For this, our Master in Gastronomy and Culinary Management stands out as the ideal alternative for those who want to complete their academic record and for those who wish to specialize in any technique or discipline. In the latter case, you can also seek specialized training in pastry, gastronomic trends or culinary management.

Never stop being curious

A chef has to be curious by nature. You must know other cultures, traveling or visiting agricultural and wine production areas is also important. Also, buy books, magazines, and do not miss any documentary or series about it. Finally, attend as many congresses and food fairs as you can. It is the best way to create a network of professional contacts!

Do not be afraid and experiment in the kitchen, either with heat sources or with raw materials. Dazzle with presentation and incorporate innovative techniques into your creations.

Cómo estudiar cocina y triunfar como chef

Be organized

Surely you are familiar with the term mise en place. This implies that all the ingredients, utensils and tools must be in perfect condition before serving, to be efficient and avoid breaking the work rhythm. That is what will be expected of you.

Practice your leading abilities

Good leadership translated into a kitchen is a skill that is not available to everyone. Working on your emotional intelligence will help you resolve conflicts, contribute ideas and lead a cooking brigade.

Team work

Keep in mind that in the kitchen you work in teams, and, probably, it takes up to five people to prepare a dish. A kitchen crew works long hours in tight spaces and under pressure. You must work your empathy! Even if you have studied a lot, never contradict a partner because “you don’t do things like that.” Listen and learn, always.

Always maintain hygiene and cleanliness

Any experienced cook will tell you that without cleanliness, both from staff and facilities, there is no dish. Your image and your kitchen must be impeccable. It is a piece of information that says a lot of about the way you work.

Practice multitasking

The management of a kitchen requires highly trained personnel in several different disciplines, including new technologies applied to the digitization of the sector, languages … The higher your training in other subjects, the greater your value in a kitchen.

As you can see, studying gastronomy does not only mean learning how to cook. Training will make you grow as a professional and as a person. That is why at Gasma we have tried to create the best and most complete training offer in catering. But, in the end, it will be your commitment that will make the difference.

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