Master in Gastronomy and Culinary Management

Global vision in a Master’s Degree in Gastronomy

This master’s degree in gastronomic sciences complements the training of professionals to perfect them in the following areas: gastronomic fundamentals, culinary technique, sweet world, creativity, trends and applied management. It is the most complete option for all those who want to make a definitive leap in their career, as well as for chefs and restaurant owners who want to improve the profitability of their business.

With our postgraduate degree in gastronomy you will master the most innovative techniques in cooking and baking, as well as in culinary management, enabling you to create a creative and profitable gastronomic proposal. Join the best master’s degree in cooking in Spain!

Start:September 2023
Credits:90 ECTS
Location:Castellón, Spain, Europe
Practices:3 monts

Who is this postgraduate course in gastronomy and management aimed at?

This master’s degree in gastronomy is aimed at professionals who want to make a qualitative leap in their training and professional career. The ideal student profile for the master’s degree is that of a graduate in the field of gastronomy or confectionery.

What do they say about our gastronomy university?

Objectives of the Master’s Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Management

In our culinary master’s program you will review the fundamentals of cooking and learn about the innovative techniques that have marked its evolution. You will learn the importance of pastry making with special interest in restaurant desserts. You will discover that management is the key to success, you will be able to create an innovative gastronomic concept and you will master the management tools that guarantee the viability of a restaurant business. Finally, you will complete your training in the best restaurants in the world.

Content of the Master's Degree in Gastronomic Re-evolution and Avant-gardism

You will acquire the structure and fundamental knowledge of raw materials: physical-chemical properties, functionality of molecules, processes and food technology in the world of cooking.

You will learn and apply the different techniques on raw materials that govern the world of contemporary gastronomy. You will delve into the study of the classic culinary techniques that have served as the basis for the cuisine we know today, up to the most current avant-garde techniques, which will also be covered in detail.

Sweet cuisine, bakery and desserts continue to gain popularity and importance within the current gastronomic offer. Familiarize yourself with traditional bases and preparations. She masters the most innovative techniques and the perfect execution of the most avant-garde sweet and savory preparations.

You will explore new trends in the world of restaurant desserts. You will learn the importance of formulation, as well as the staging and presentation of creations. You will have a practical vision of the concept of ‘creativity’ in desserts, through the experience of professionals in the sector.

The concepts in this block are covered more extensively in our postgraduate course in pastry and confectionery.

Solid management training is key to ensuring the success of a restaurant business. Learn all about management tools applied to gastronomy and kitchen processes that guarantee a more efficient organization. Anticipate the main trends to design a successful gastronomic concept.

You will delve into the most current gastronomic trends and proposals. It will provide a global vision that will cover both the conceptual and technical point of view of culinary trends and will allow you to obtain the knowledge that will enable you to develop current and innovative gastronomic proposals. You will learn the trends of haute cuisine and its evolution as well as the main trends of international cuisine and you will apply all the knowledge to emulate the elaborations and analyze them from different fields.

The Master’s thesis will allow you to put into practice all the knowledge acquired by presenting a personal gastronomic proposal, adapted to current market trends. This project is an exercise of integration of all the contents received.

In the gastronomic field, the practical aspect is of vital importance. In your internship, you will apply all your knowledge in a real work situation, which will enable you to enter the labor market.

You will develop your skills and experience professional practice, without forgetting that you will come into contact with companies related to your training, thus improving your insertion in the labor market and favoring your employability.

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Tuition and fees

The deadline for applications will remain open until the training is fully booked (limited places). The program, dates, prices and teachers are subject to change. Gasma reserves the right to cancel the program if it considers that the requirements for a successful program are not met.

What does the registration fee include?


In the following drop-down menu you can check the prices of the current open call and the next available calls.

September 2023

Registration fee

150 € *refundable in case of non-admittance


4.100 € * 48h after confirmation of admission

First installment

3,125 € *30 days after the start of the master’s course 

Second installment

3,125 € *60 days after the start of the master’s course


10.500 €

International Fee

600 (optional) for international students

The deadline for applications will remain open until the training is fully booked (limited places).

Admission and enrollment process

To apply for admission to the degree, the process indicated in the following chart must be followed.


Enrolling is easy: you must fill in the admission form. We will then contact you via email so that you can complete the last step: paying your registration fee. Don’t worry: if you are not admitted, we will refund your fee.


Within 24 hours of receiving your application, you will be scheduled for a personal interview* with a member of the Gasma faculty or admissions team.

The purpose of the interview is to get to know the candidates, and to assess their knowledge of the industry and their aptitude for the program.

In this interview, we will provide you with all the documents you must provide to complete your application.


After the personal interview the Admissions Committee will evaluate your application.
Once your application has been evaluated, we will inform you of the result.


If you have been accepted… Congratulations! The admission process has been completed.

In order to secure your place, it is necessary to formalize the payment of the reservation.

Once the registration fee has been paid, remember to send to the following information: ID/Passport, Resume, Letter of motivation and required academic documentation.

* If you are unable to attend in person, the interview can also be conducted via Skype.

Career opportunities

The world of gastronomy has a markedly interdisciplinary character. There is a wide variety of activities linked to the gastronomic and culinary sector, developing different professional profiles. Among others:

Frequently Asked Questions

Gasma is located in Castellón de la Plana (Valencian Community), Spain. The nearest airport is Valencia international airport (70 km away). Our city is located 2 hours by train from Barcelona and a little less than 3 hours from the capital of Spain, Madrid.

Gasma – Gastronomic Campus
Avenida Enrique Gimeno, 67
12006 Castellón, España, EU
Tel: +34 964 217 649

Our international student body continues to grow. We have students of more than 75 nationalities. European students do not need a visa to study in Spain. On the other hand, non-European students must obtain the corresponding visa that includes the authorization to stay in the country.
Students from certain countries are exempt from obtaining a visa as long as their stay in Spain does not exceed three months.
The visa will be requested and issued at the Spanish Consular Offices abroad. Once in Spain, Gasma offers non-EU students the optional International Fee service: with it, they can apply for the foreign student card through the Immigration Office or the corresponding police station within one month of their arrival.

To make your stay easier and more comfortable during your studies, Gasma has agreements with various organizations to provide our students with nearby housing options. In advance of your arrival you will be able to choose and book your accommodation in an apartment, student residence, etc. Contact our admissions department to clarify any doubts regarding this issue.

All our masters and diplomas have a teaching staff composed of professionals with extensive experience and teaching skills.
The organizational structure of our programs is composed of an academic coordinator who is joined by other expert professors from the different training areas of each degree to complete the teaching panel.
Dependiendo del título, cada módulo de contenido cuenta con la participación de expertos conocedores del mismo: desde chefs, expertos en tecnología de los alimentos, nutricionistas, productores, expertos en negocios culinarios, gerentes, emprendedores, Pastry chefs, sumillers y expertos en sala…Todos ellos forman parte de nuestro Culinary Team y compartirán su visión sobre la gastronomía.

Do you need help with the arrangements prior to your arrival in Spain as an international student? Don’t worry, our International Admissions Office has put together this package of exclusive services that will smooth the way for you. You’ll see how easy it is to settle into your new home!

This service, completely optional for international students, includes help in finding accommodation, assistance in the management of residence documents, free pick-up and first night’s accommodation upon arrival in Spain, tourist, leisure and cultural information to make the most of your stay, a transportation card for your first trips around the city and the processing of a prepaid SIM card that will allow you to talk and surf the Internet from the first moment you arrive.

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